We live an era where everything is getting digitalized. Apart from their physical presence, every business needs to be present online on the worldwide web. If you own a small business, you must drag it to the online world of the internet.

 Even if your business serves locally, you must have online access to it. The world is changing at a fast pace and you shouldn’t be the last one to join the race, right?

To have an online presence, your business needs to have a website. The best and affordable way to achieve this is to develop a WordPress website.

Content management systems like WordPress give peace of mind to business owners who aren’t tech-savvy and want a flexible environment. Let’s get down to why your small business needs a WordPress website.

Mobile Responsiveness

The internet is now accessed via multiple devices from small-screen phones to large monitors and TVs. Small businesses must have websites that work properly across all these devices.

Mobile responsiveness is not just important to website visitors, it’s also important to search engines like Google and Bing. This is because desktop browsing is being surpassed by website usage on tablets and Smartphone.

If your business is going to compete online, it needs a website that accommodates all browsers and mobile devices.

WordPress keeps updating its themes and features

If using WordPress, you want to avoid using the same website design for years. You need to change some functions, features or add new pages over the time to make it look fresh.

Website maintenance and redesign is a process that needs to be carried out at regular intervals to give a facelift to the website. WordPress constantly updates its themes, features and plugins.

Thus, along with WordPress updates, you need to carry out other updates to grow your business. WordPress is not very effective to build an e-commerce website.

There are plenty of low maintenance WordPress plugins and themes available to make your website stand out.

When searching for a free theme on the WordPress theme directory, you should check for the date it was released, when it was last updated and if the theme developer provides support.

 Although WordPress has its own forum for theme developers, many tend to have a forum on their own websites. That said, if you see the WordPress forum for a theme looking deserted, you should check whether the developer is offering support elsewhere.

If the developer has stopped giving you support, you shouldn’t use their theme. If you run into any website problems, the developer won’t be there to help you.

When looking for a plugin, you should check the rating of the plugin and how many people have downloaded it, along with when it was last updated.

 You should avoid plugins that have been abandoned as they may have security issues due to being outdated. Also, many plugins offer premium versions which may add extra functionality but more often than not the free version will do what you need.

It’s safe than ever

There was a time when questions loomed about the security of WordPress. As an open source, hacking will always be an issue on WordPress unless you are able to abide by the rules.

That being said, the WordPress community has contributed immensely to making this platform one of the safest of the CMS’s. WordPress itself updates its platform every now. Also, they try to keep up with the securities.

 As a business owner, you should make sure that you don’t use a paid theme that is submitted as free. You also shouldn’t use plugins that haven’t been updated for years. If you can fix these simple loopholes your website will be supremely safe.

WordPress is SEO friendly

SEO-search engine optimization is a must for a website. Optimizing your website to be search engine friendly will rank it high in search results.

I cannot enforce enough on how important SEO is for a website. You have a website but if people won’t be able to see it on Google’s first page then nobody will visit your website. Do you look beyond Google’s first page while browsing?

Well, the good news is WordPress is SEO friendly. You need not to worry much about ranking a website. It offers you many plugins that have made website optimization quite easy.

However, you might still need to work on SEO. Hiring SEO experts is the best way out.

Low Cost for Ownership

Developing a quality website can be a big investment for small businesses. Unlike other software platforms that charge large monthly fees, WordPress is extremely low cost to maintain. It also creates a low total cost of ownership for business owners.

WordPress provides some feature rich in-web presence without the need for utilizing in-house technical resources.

It also frees small businesses from being reliant on expensive website design firms and being forced to pay for large monthly retainers. You decide how much or how little support you want from website design agencies.

Creating and maintaining a WordPress website is trouble-free

For small businesses, creating a website is the first step to walk in the online world. A WordPress website is easy to develop if you have basic knowledge of computer languages.

With the fundamental knowledge of coding, you can learn WordPress development and create your own website. Every website needs maintenance and updates periodically.

You cannot carry the same website design and structure for years and years as it may get outdated. If you don’t have technical knowledge about coding and developing a website, you can hire professionals from a WordPress development company such as WPFixs to do it for you.

You’re not committing yourself to one hosting provider

If you need to switch a provider or host, either because they can’t handle traffic or you’re frustrated with them, you can do it without experiencing many downturns.

This is because WordPress works with pretty much every server. Since you’re using WordPress for your business, then you will be happy to know that there are a number of e-commerce solutions that will convert your site into an all-out digital store.


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