When it comes to properly maintaining carpets, high-quality vacuums are an essential piece of the janitorial puzzle. These pieces of cleaning equipment help to deftly pick up crumbs, hair, dust, and various debris from carpeted surfaces without an inordinate amount of work.

However, the larger the area, the tougher such a job becomes. If you aren’t equipped with the right kind of vacuum, trying to maintain a large conference room, office space, schools, convention centers, and similar areas would become quite tedious. A professional-quality wide area vacuum is necessary in such instances in order to cut down cleaning times and get the job done right.

Are Wide Area Vacuums Really Necessary?

You might be inclined to save a little money on equipment by working with an ordinary model vacuum or even a wet/dry vac for large carpeted areas, but this is only going to cause frustration in the long run.

The trouble with cleaning up larger areas is the time it takes to vacuum. Sure, it might only take fifteen minutes to vacuum a modest-sized office or classroom with a typical upright vacuum, but the amount of square footage in an airport terminal or convention center is far greater, almost deceptively so. Without the aid of a properly-designed wide area vacuum, you could spend hours on a task that should only take you a fraction of the time.

With the right vacuum from a reputable brand that is known for crafting powerful solutions for cleaning carpets in commercial spaces, you can save valuable time and money, and reduce your on-the-job frustrations in the process.

Superior Cleaning Power and Efficiency

There’s no question that if you have a large cleaning task ahead of you, the right equipment can make a substantial difference. Whether it’s a school, church hall, office, lobby, or mall that needs proper vacuuming, starting off with the appropriate vacuum will condense the time it takes to complete the job while vacuuming more thoroughly as well.

Another reason why wide area vacuums are so effective is not only because they are efficient, but because they offer greater power as well, and are specifically designed to help maintain commercial spaces with a professional degree of quality. For tough jobs and exceptionally dirty spaces, you don’t want to attempt to get the job done with equipment that’s more suited to maintain a bedroom rather than a boardroom.

One other reason to consider using these professional-style vacuums is that they are more ergonomic and better suited for use over long periods of time. While you could certainly have a go at trying to vacuum an entire office lobby or convention center with a common upright vacuum, you might have some aches and pains in the morning!

Rather than attempt such a feat, it simply makes more sense both from an efficiency perspective and a business standpoint, to invest in a high-quality vacuum that is designed to help tackle cleaning jobs in commercial settings and that will give you the best possible experience and results.

If you are thinking of equipping yourself or your business operation with a powerful wide area vacuum cleaner such as the Tornado CK 3030, the best place online to find one is at JaniSource.com. They are an industry leader when it comes to high-quality cleaning equipment such as commercial vacuums, sweepers, wet vacs, floor scrubbers, and more. No matter what kind of space you are trying to clean, from small offices to expansive hotels, universities, or hospitals, JaniSource can be your go-to location for everything you need. Give them a call at 877-MOPHEAD for more information about their reliable products.


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