Certification is the way of demonstrating knowledge and expertise to employers. It also helps individuals to add value to their resume and may lead to a good job. A Microsoft certification is one of the globally accepted certifications, which is based on industry-specific roles and expertise required to achieve those roles. This certification proves that an individual is proficient in real-world and particular skills associated with the industry-specific role.

A Microsoft Certified Professional is responsible for providing technical support to several areas of organizations, like Network, Desktop Support, Web Design, Operating Systems, etc. Today, IT professionals with expertise in networking, cloud, and security are sought-after by many corporate industries and government sectors. Moreover, the demand for professionals with Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Certification in every aspect is rising to a greater extent. 

As businesses are growing digital day by day, the need for professionals with expertise in handling the latest technologies is also increasing. Many of them are shifting their workloads to a cloud server and adopting cloud computing services. Therefore, professionals, such as Developers, Cloud Architects, Sales Managers, Data Analysts, Marketers, and many others can benefit from certifications offered by Microsoft.

With an increasing rate of cyber attacks, organizations are in immense need of cloud security and cybersecurity experts to protect their data from hackers.

What Are Microsoft Certifications?

Microsoft offers certification for several technical job roles. Individuals have to appear for and pass the exam to earn the certificate. There are three different levels of certifications – Fundamental, Associate, and Expert. Microsoft certification courses are categorized into five groups, as follows:

  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
  • Microsoft Solutions Developer (MCSD)
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

For fundamental-level certifications, there are no prerequisites, as they are entry-level courses and meant for beginners. Associate-level certifications require a minimum of two years of hands-on experience in a specific role. Expert-level certificates need a minimum of two to five years of working experience.

To pursue a particular certification, aspirants have to take the respective exam. Microsoft provides exam tutorials and books to prepare for the certification exam. Several institutes or training organizations also provide top-notch Microsoft certification training. Koenig Solutions is one of the best organizations that provide superior quality training services.

Benefits And Advantages Of Microsoft Certificates

Young graduates and working IT professionals can take their careers to a higher level with certifications offered by Microsoft. Here are some benefits of possessing Microsoft’s certification:

Higher Growth Potential

The Microsoft certificate validates individuals for their expertise in a specific role. Microsoft certified professionals are highly productive and well-equipped to handle any business problem. Microsoft has confirmed that the chance of individuals with Microsoft certificates being hired is five times more than others. Moreover, it also helps existing employees to negotiate for an increase in their salaries.

Updated Skills And Knowledge

With Microsoft’s certifications, you can possess state-of-art and updated knowledge about a particular Microsoft’s software or application. Therefore, such certificates will help you stand out from the crowd and get recognized by employers of top organizations. In other terms, you get more value and preference than non-certified Microsoft individuals.

Become More Productive And Efficient

It is a known fact that Microsoft-certified individuals are 60% more efficient and 90% more productive than other non-certified individuals. A Microsoft certificate helps IT professionals to execute complex tasks with efficiency and confidence. It represents individuals interest in learning new expertise and committing to long-term growth.

More Career Opportunities

Microsoft states that more than 86% of employers prefer candidates with IT certificates. Moreover, certificates from Microsoft are extremely easy to verify than other certificates earned from unknown training organizations. Microsoft-certified professionals get a number of career opportunities in any field. Switching a job or finding a new job role also becomes more manageable with these certifications.

Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is more precious than money and respect. Microsoft certificate helps individuals to gain self-confidence in achieving their dreams.


Microsoft offers a gamut of certifications that enable individuals to gain a job in any sector. Keeping all the above benefits in mind, you can choose any of Microsoft’s certifications that best suits you and begin your journey of being recognized globally. You can opt for Koenig Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner, for Microsoft online courses.


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