Who is a gastroenterologist? What role do they play in our lives? How can one select a good GI doctor for themselves? There are so many questions revolving around this profession. If you are looking for answers to any or all of these then you will get them by this post.

A gastroenterologist is a medical professional who is an expert in the functioning of gastrointestinal tract. This person is capable of detecting and treating issues which hamper your gut health. A gastroenterologist has a significant role to play in our lives especially in the present time. Most of us individuals have a schedule in which we tend to ignore our health. We rely on fast foods and lack a balanced diet. This is a major reason behind the increasing rate of gut related problems.

A good gastroenterologist plays the pivotal role by helping us in building healthy eating habits. They are the most knowledgeable people to take guidance from in order to avoid some of the serious illnesses like colon cancer, diabetes, etc.

Now, the question remains, what factors make the gastroenterologist the best one for you. Well there can not be a specific answer for this one but nevertheless you should always keep some factors in mind when selecting a GI doctor for yourself. These factors are as follows:

Personal Preference

The most important point in the doctor – patient relationship is comfort. It is not possible that each individual will be able to build a good rapport with the same doctor. So the biggest thing to consider in selecting a doctor for yourself is your comfort and personal preference. You should be able to share all your problems with your doctor.


Sometimes your general physician can refer you to a good GI doctor. If you get a referral from your doctor itself then the task of selecting the doctor becomes very easy. In case you are unable to get one from your physician then you can always take help from friends and family.


The educational background and possession of a valid license of practice is one factor that you cannot ignore. You don’t want to put your health at risk by visiting just anyone who claims to be the best without researching their credentials.


The more the number of patients a doctor treats successfully the better he or she is at their job. A doctor’s experience is another important factor to keep in mind when fixing an appointment for yourself or your loved ones.


Sometimes people are more comfortable with the doctor of a particular gender. If you are one of them, then it becomes important for you to keep this factor into consideration and then take a decision.

Quality of Service

The quality of service provided by the professional depends on many factors. One of the main out of the list is whether your doctor is well equipped with testing facilities. Absence of a testing facility in your doctor’s clinic can cause a lot of inconvenience. So choose the doctor who provides you with the best service.


It is a good practice to gather reviews from the patients who have already taken treatment from the doctor you are considering to visit. These patient reviews are nowadays available even at the website of the doctor itself.


The best possible treatment can be provided only when there is no hesitation. While taking the decision of which doctor to choose it is important that you consider their communication style so that you can judge how comfortable you would be in sharing your health issue.

Top gastroenterologist in Los Angeles can be a potential candidate in the list of doctors to choose from. The doctors here have a communication style which is friendly and they are also very well experienced to provide the correct treatment to their patients.

Selection of a good doctor is a must to get the best treatment for your health issues. It is good to visit a doctor after researching well about them. Sensitive health issues can not be put in the hands of anyone or everyone. So dig in deep in order to judge the capabilities of your doctor and then choose the best amongst many good ones for yourself.


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