One of the most common hair problems women come across on a day-to-day basis is frizzy hair. No matter if you have straight, sleek hairs or curly, bouncy hairs, flyaway hairs are sure to cause you trouble on bad hair day. The easiest way of coping with frizzy hair and flyaway locks is hair straightening. In the shorter run, hair straightening can help you deal with your frizz but considering the long period of time, hair straightening only causes damage to your hair and leads to hair fall and hair loss. The right way to cope with your frizzy hair would be to first understand what causes frizzy hair. Once you are well aware of the causes of frizzy hair, you will be able to better understand how to deal with frizzy hair without causing hair damage.

Main causes of Frizzy hair

Hot Showers

One of the main causes of dry frizzy hair is using hot water on our hair. Hot showers generally calm down our body and help us relax and in winters especially nothing sounds as comforting as hot showers. We often tend to spend more time under a hot shower to stay warmer for a longer time and give our bodies some time to relax. But we also need to keep in mind that however pleasant a hot shower sounds to our body, it ends up damaging our hair scalp. Hot water affects the natural shine and softness of our hair by stripping the natural oils from our scalp and hair. The natural oils in our hair and scalp keep our hair shiny and soft and the lack of these natural oils in our hair leads to a lack of moisture in our hair which further results in dry frizzy hair.

Brushing wet hair and vigorously towel drying wet hair

When our hair is wet, they tend to turn more fragile and weak and break very easily. Brushing wet hair or drying them with a towel vigorously is one of the main causes of frizzy hair.Thus it gets important to first dry your hair and then brush them deliberately.

Excessive heat styling

Heat styling your hair very frequently can lead to hair damage and can cause breakage and split ends which further can cause frizz in hair and make them dry. Going completely heat-free might not be a viable option for many of us and in such cases, one can always turn to heat protecting products to build a safety shield that protects your hair from harmful impacts of heat.

Now we know what causes frizzy hair and can easily dwell into understanding how to manage frizzy hair. There are some factors which we can’t control whatsoever like humidity and weather conditions but still, we can learn how to tolerate these factors and maintain the natural shine and luster of our hair

1. Don’t shampoo your hair every day

If your hair naturally tends to turn frizzy and dry very frequently the first thing you should be doing is avoid shampooing your hair every day. Give your hair at least 3 days off shampoo in a week to offer enough time to your scalp for producing natural oils that help in fighting frizzy hair. In addition to this, go for sulfate-free shampoo as they are gentle and nourishing to your hair and cause less damage. So the most basic answer to how to cope with frizzy hair is to avoid shampooing every day.

2. Do use conditioner after every hair wash

If you are wondering how to get over frizzy hair, your answer is to always use a conditioner after washing your hair. We often tend to skip conditioner after washing our hair and underestimate the benefits it can offer to our hair. Applying a good conditioner after every hair wash is important as the conditioner keeps the cuticles hydrated and allows the moisture to reach deep into each hair strand. Conditioner prevents the cuticles from opening up and letting in an excess amount of moisture and further keeps the hair smooth and shiny. Look for conditioners that contain ingredients like shea butter and glycerin as these ingredients are healthy for hair.

3. Don’t over brush your hair

Brushing or combing your hair very frequently can also cause damage to them, especially when your hair is wet. Also if we detangle our hair roughly and carelessly, our hair can go out of control. The ideal way to detangle your hair would be to use a wide-tooth comb and ensure using a good quality brush, one which easily detangles wet hair. Also if you are looking for the easiest answer to how to tackle frizzy hair naturally and easily, your answer is to switch your regular hair towel with a microfiber towel. These towels are soft and do not cause hair damage.

While in these challenging times of Covid-19, it is crucial to keep your home safe at all times, it’s also important to maintain the good health of your hair and protect them from frizz and unwanted dirt.


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