Flowers genuinely make us happy; they tend to lighten up any dull room. They are used as gifts and as home decor. With urbanisation at its peak, you might not be able to find pretty flowers on a day to day basis. Keeping this in mind, people tend to maintain gardens at their homes, keep their daily dose of nature and pretty flowers, active. There are different purposes to a garden, some people like gardening to grow their fruits and vegetables while on the other hand, some people prefer gardens just for the view and fresh air purpose. 

Looking into the effectiveness and positivity that we get while receiving flower gifts, let’s touch on growing outdoor flower plants at your own space. This article will be elaborating about some of the best flowering plants that you can have in your garden. We will be focusing on plants that do not require a rich experience to plant so that we can all enjoy their beauty and presence daily. In general, plants can help you breathe in the fresh air, and they tend to have a positivity attached on to their delicate petals that can light up our moods almost instantly. You can opt for a small indoor garden or a vast back garden depending on your area. 

Let’s help all beginners find the best outdoor garden flowering plants that can be planted and grown easily. 


Impatiens is also known as “Busy Lizzie,” and its Latin name describes how its seeds germinate in their bottles when ripe as a small touch can cause an immature pot to explode and spread its seeds. Generally, they grow best in shade and moisture. Impatient people prefer soil that is rich in humus, moist, and well-drained. Make sure the plants have air shelter. You can mix compost or manure that is released slowly before replanting to help the plants.


Zinnia is an easy grow, and they bloom quite heavily as they come in various colours and beautifully bring a mixture of reds, pinks, yellows, and so much more. These flowers majorly come in three forms, namely Single-flowered, semidouble and double.

The Single-flowered zinnias have a single row of petals, and the centre of the flower stays visible. The double-flowered one has numerous petal rows, and the centre isn’t visible.

The Semidouble-flowered zinnias too have numerous petal rows and a visible centre.

Zinnias are best grown at about 60 degrees Fahrenheit at a location that has plenty of air circulation. Organically rich soil is ideal for these plants, and the soil pH should range from 5.5 to 7.5.


Begonias are among the most popular planted plants, indoors or outdoors. These plants are planted on their leaf species and their online flowers, depending on the type of begonia. In some parts of the world, the wax begonia is a well-known bedding plant, while plant enthusiasts still travel long distances to hunt beautiful begonias. Begonia plants are best grown during mild summers and cannot tolerate cold temperatures. They tend to prefer moisture, but excessive water should be avoided.


Daffodils beautifully bloom during springtime and can evenly grace your garden with fragrance and colour. They should be planted during the fall so that you can enjoy its beauty during springtime.

The best soil temperature that you should opt for to grow the best daffodils is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit and at a depth of around 5.5 inches.

They should be watered once every week just to make sure they are not overwatered.


Geraniums are popularly known as Pelargoniums and are preferably grown in as annuals. They are grown in most of the zones and are easy-care, extensive bloomers with bright flowers all over. Geranium can be grown as a houseplant or as a seasonal flower. During the warmer months of the year, they can be stored outdoors in a sunny place. Geraniums can be found in pink, mauve, purple, orange, red, and reddish black colours.

The ideal temperature to grow these beautiful birthday flowers online is around 45 to 50 degrees. If grown and taken care of, properly, they can even bloom in winters.Flower gifts are a blessing that we all need to embrace. Their beauty can help us overcome our troubles and stress. Growing flowering plants at our gardens gives us the luxury to enjoy these beauties on a daily basis. You can accessorise your garden with fountains and stone angels to give your garden an outstanding touch. Your garden can be your next party location with people admiring your gardening skills and efforts that you put in the same. These plants do need extensive care and delicate touch, but the result is a treat to the eye.


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