Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurological disorder related to development of brain and affect the individual social life. In this a person face difficulty to interacts with people and lose his learning and communication skills with time. The symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder can be identify during childhood (first two year) and gradually affect the development of child.

Identification of symptoms

  1. Initially a person face interaction problem with other and he cannot establish the communication.
  2. Cannot answer or respond to other
  3. Lack of coordination in facial expression
  4. Problem in expressing his thoughts and ideas towards other.
  5. Repeat some phrase and word again and again but cannot build the sentences
  6. Problem in understanding others individual messages
  7. Face difficulty in recognize the people

Disabilities due to ASD

  1. Visual – A person have to problem in recognizing people and patterns.
  2. Hearing – A person which suffer from ASD, he lose his hearing ability gradually.
  3. Learning – ASD affect the learning capability of person, with time it start decreasing.
  4. Emotional – A person is unable to express his expression properly or according to situation because ASD affect the neuron system of the person and a person loose the coordination.
  5. Physical – Due to ASD, a person appearance is changing and anyone can visualize the changes which occurs on the person body.

Types of ASD

  1. Autistic Disorder – It is the general form of ASD and in this person face problems related to communication and social interaction with people.
  2. Asperger’s Syndrome – In this person have normal analytical and verbal skills but lack of communication skills.
  3. PDD-NOS – in this person lose the social interaction and cannot able to communicate with other but in this case it has better verbal skills as compare to General Autism.
  4. Rett’s Syndrom – This type of disorder generally found in girls and in this person lose his ability to speak and unable to process his speech.

Possible Cause of ASD

There many reason behind the Autism spectrum disorder. It can be occur due some genetics change or may be due to environmental nature.

  1. Genetics – It can happen due to some genetic mutation in the parent genes which cause the autism spectrum disorder or inherited by parent genes from their parent.
  2. Environmental Factors – Environment is another reason behind this disorder, during the pregnancy there many factors like viral or bacterial infection which can affect the womb  of mother and cause many kind of disorder, Autism spectrum disorder SD is one of  them.

Treatment To cure ASD

Basically there is no such treatment available for Autism spectrum disorder but we can cure by various therapies. A affected person need more attention and we have to interact with the person and provide the suitable environment which is comfortable to him.

We can provide some therapies as follows:-

  1. Music therapy – Music is a good way to relax and music directly affect our neuron system which is responsible for all the action of the body physical as well as mental.
  2. Drug Treatment – The drug treatment is another way to cure the person in which the doctor prescribe some special type of medicine related to mental growth and for the establishment of the neuron connection among neurons in the body.
  3. Communication via Picture – In this a person is try to communicate via relevant picture according to situation or in response of answer to question.


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