We all are busy in our lives, running with time. Celebration brings a gush of fresh air in our monotonous life. We love to celebrate our achievements as well as our close one’s success. The best way to congratulate the achiever is to send him/her gifts. Gifts are symbolic of your feelings about them or their success. The gift is one thing that does not count the price tag. It does not matter whether it is small or big; cheap or costly. If the person values your worth, a small and cheap gift will also be precious to him/her. Here are 7 affordable gift ideas for anyone.

1) Framed Handwritten Poem

For any occasion and for any gift list, personalized gifts always top. Any gift with a personal touch is worth more than money. Your beloved best friend can be ready to set in some other country. Sending a handwritten poem from your childhood is a great gift. Framing the gift will make it more long-lasting. He/she will love your care and feelings for him/her. Besides, whenever he/she will miss you, the gift will always keep you close to their hearts. Find more guest post in 10minuteideas. This can be a perfect gift for anyone whom you hold close to your heart.

2) DIY Memory Book

A memory book is the best way to keep the photos. We all spend time with our favourite people. But sadly, we cannot afford to stay with each other forever. So, the best gift we can send to our beloved people is to send a memory book. There is no rule book for the gift that it will contain pictures only. Some writings and flowers if you keep as near and dear, paste them on the pages as well. Make it a beautiful ‘Do It Yourself’ memory book with sweet smelling memories.

3) Photo Album /Memories

What is the best way of creating memories? Photographs not only create memories, they keep them forever as well. Camera and photographs make the particular occasion, or even some ordinary day special. And it is the best way to keep the memories alive of all. When there is an occasion, this can be a good group gift. You can send this gift to all your close people to keep the memories fresh. You can get beautiful photo albums at online stores. After stuffing it with photos, this can be one of the best online gift delivery for your beloved ones.

4) Encouragement Booklet

This gift needs nothing but a pad of papers and fountain pens as technical equipment. But the most important one is your kind and encouraging words. You know the person lifts the mountain with his/her own hands. And being close to her/him, you should always encourage and boost them on their journeys. At the end of the rough day, your kind words will be successful to restore his/her faith. You might not be present there to see his/her smiling face and spirited soul. But, he/she will thank you deep in the heart and will feel for you forever.

5) Charming Framed

Scrabble tiles are the best gift to send in a charming frame. The scribbles might contain the senders and the achievers’ name in a puzzle. Then frame it with a transparent cut glass. Upon it, tie a colouring ribbon in a bow at one corner. At the opposite corner, attach a good wish or greeting message. The receiver on the other end would love the gift and will hang it at a special place in their home.

6) Photo Bookmarks

This is for your mad-hatter bookworm friend. We all know at least one person in our life that is a crack head about books. What can be a better gift for him/ her than a bookmark? Now personalize it to make it more special. You can use a picture together of you and the person. Write a sweet message which will make him/her smile every time he/she reads it.

7) Fun Candy Bar Bouquet

Last but of course not the least, candies are the best gifts ever. It is easier to find as well. Everyone has their own favourites. Just grab his/ her best chocolate flavour from candy bouquet delivery site and send it on any occasion. They would love it.

Those who are close will never see the gift but your effort. The above gift ideas are from them who are closest to the heart.


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