There’s just never enough time in the day, is there?

You might not be able to add a few extra hours to your day, but there is a simple trick you can use to be happier and more productive.

We’re talking, of course, about establishing daily habits!

Routines establish normalcy and help you take control of your life. Get started by following these five easy steps.

1. Go to Bed and Wake Up at the Same Time

Staying up late to binge your favorite show on Netflix can be quite fun. But, as it turns out, that loss of sleep is doing more damage to your health than you might think.

A lack of sleep can lead to lessened productivity, irritability, overeating, and more.

While adjusting your sleep cycle might take some time, balancing your circadian rhythms by setting a sleep schedule will change your day for the better.

2. Schedule Your Day in Advance

Do you ever go to sleep dreading the day ahead? That anxiety can ruin a good night’s sleep and color the following day.

To mitigate some of those nerves, take a few minutes before bed each day to schedule the following day’s activities.

If you’re not sure how to make a daily schedule, it’s easy.

First, write down everything you have to do. Then, rank them in order of importance, so you can have a better idea of what will take the most physical or mental energy.

Seeing your daily tasks written out makes them more tangible, and as a result, easier to tackle.

3. Take Care of Your Body

Don’t get so busy that you forget to take care of yourself.

Establish healthy eating habits and cut down on fatty or salty snacks. While they might taste great, they’re often dense in calories and lacking in nutrition.

It’s also important to make time to exercise. Regular exercise is linked to a lowered risk of heart disease, better mental health, and improved happiness. Even if it’s just a quick stroll around the neighborhood, shoot for 30 minutes of exercise per day.

Finally, take care of your brain. There are tons of great puzzle apps you can download to keep your mind sharp and active, or you can try water soluble CBD.

4. Practice Gratitude

During the day-to-day hustle, it’s so easy to lose sight of how fortunate we are.

Carve out a few minutes before bed (after you’ve scheduled your day) to practice gratitude. Sit and reflect on the past day and jot down a few thoughts about what you’re thankful for. Start small if you have to.

But make your practice consistent. Soon, you’ll start seeing the good in life everywhere.

5. Take Time for Your Hobbies

Hobbies aren’t just something to do to keep yourself busy. Studies note that hobbies lead to better work performance, greater satisfaction with one’s life, and reduced stress.

No matter how busy your life gets, remember to take a few moments for yourself doing what you love.

Be Happier and Get More Done by Establishing Daily Habits

If you’re not used to having a daily routine, some of these daily habits may seem strange or even difficult. But give it time.

We promise these five tips will help you live a healthier lifestyle.

For more great lifestyle tips, be sure to check out our blog!


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