Planning your perfect wedding should be simple, really. It seems like the perfect ingredients would be a smooth ceremony, the best catering services in Manila, and your favorite person, your best friend whom you will share the rest of your life with. Once you have all of this on lock, it can be tempting to forget about all the other details and say, “To heck with it!” Well, you wish that were the case but of course, you would need to deal with other elements of your wedding to make it the most memorable event of a lifetime.

Take a look at these wedding theme ideas to complement the great atmosphere of the event and make your big day as colorful as your love for your beau.

Rustic theme

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, then this style would be the perfect way to complete a night to remember. Armed with warm and cozy colors, a great range of decorations, floral elements, and ornaments, this style will be the unforgettable theme that you should get for your big day! With candlelit table tops, add some vintage looks to the whole design and you are all set. This is probably the wedding theme that can emphasize a feel-at-home atmosphere and with you saying, “I do,” it will definitely feel like coming home after a long trip.


Dusty Rose

This theme idea plays with the classic combination of dusty rose with different shadows of green to emerge as one of the most elegant and romantic wedding styles out there. You can incorporate vintage decorations like lantern, chandelier, or maybe an old violin decorated with flowers, which will give that lasting feeling of elegance and romance. With this theme, you will be confident that the best catering services in Manila will be surrounded by classy and sophisticated elements which will make the food even more inviting than it already is.


The vintage wedding theme idea is the most commonly used style for weddings. With its classic and sophisticated style, it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that a lot of brides want to stick to a vintage idea. Channel the vintage feel by drawing inspiration from the past wedding styles and one of the easiest ways to do this is through your wedding outfit and beauty look. Think of it like this: you can pick more than one item as your something old and something borrowed so that you can really stick to the vintage theme idea. Go extra with antique-looking décor, like weathered doors and worn-in wood seats and have that beautiful vintage-inspired wedding you have been always longing for.


Well, if you would want a taste of the past then why not think about the opposite too, right? A modern wedding does not mean futuristic, but it would mostly bank on minimalism and a clean set of décors for the wedding. Think of clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimal design. A modern theme will be a versatile type of theme, so you can put a modern spin on almost everything from your wedding dress to your bold color scheme.

Key Takeaway

Your dream wedding would all be possible if you know and stand by your preferences all throughout the planning of it all. Make sure to choose pieces that will make yours and your partner’s personality stand out. Chronicle the journey you both had leading up to the big day and emphasize it with these wedding theme ideas to increase the style of the festivities. Congratulations!


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