Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the world. People from different parts of the world visit the city every year either to enjoy the beautiful tourist attractions or attend business meetings. With so many luxury cars for rentin Dubai and fantastic road networks, both locals and tourists rent their favorite cars to move around the city.

Dubai is the only city in the world where people get to drive the most luxurious cars that they can’t even think of in any other city in the world. That’s how amazing the city is! Now renting a luxury car in Dubai is the most exciting thing to do. However, there are certain rules and regulations put in place by the UAE government and the car rental companies that you must know before you rent a luxury car in Dubai. These rules and regulations apply to both

residents and tourists. So stay with us to discover everything you need to know to enjoy cruising in this fabulous city.

Minimum Age

The minimum age requirement forrenting a luxury car in Dubai is 21 years and above. This doesn’t hold true for every car rental company. The minimum age requirement goes up to 25 for certain companies so we recommend you always check it with the company before renting a luxury car. You must be of legal age before you start looking for luxury cars for rent in Dubai.

Documents Required

There’s a list of documents that you must have to be eligible for hiring a luxury car in Dubai. These documents include a copy of passport, Visa page copy, Emirates ID (Front and Back) copy, Driver’s license. Visitors can either have their home country driving license or apply for an international driving permit before renting a car in Dubai.

Security Deposit

Car rental companies ask for security deposits to lend their car to you. The amount of security deposit varies for every car. This amount is charged to ensure mutual understanding between the individual and car rental company. This amount is collected to ensure the car security. Security deposits are mandatory for renting a car. Make sure you have this in mind before you luxury cars for rent in Dubai.


Don’t Venture Outside the UAE

Keep in mind that you cannot drive the rented car outside the boundaries of the country. It’s strictly prohibited. If you’re planning on doing so then you must communicate with the company and seek their permission so that they take you through the legal process and you don’t get into any trouble. You must drive the car according to the government rules when you search for luxury car for rent in Dubai.

Copy of the Agreement

Car rental companies provide you with a document that’s written evidence of the deal between the individual and the car rental company. This document is known as a copy of agreement. You must carry that document while driving the rented car in case of emergency you might be asked for it. So make sure you have that document in the car all the time.

Insurance Policy

Car rental companies offer insurance to residents of Dubai who are renting their car. So it’s advised that you discuss the insurance policy with the car rental company and inform them if you already have insurance because getting a second insurance will be considered a duplicate and can cause problems. Every company has a different insurance policy so you’ll have to discuss this with every company you reach out to. They will guide you on everything you need to know about the insurance policy.

Terms and Conditions

People often agree to terms and conditions without reading it. This kind of carelessness can cause problems and unnecessary additional costs that you could have been avoided if you had read the terms and conditions. This is why we recommend you to always read the terms and conditions and only then sign the contract to ensure a trouble-free and memorable experience.

Short-term and Long-term Car Rental in Dubai In Dubai, the car rentals charge on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. The cost of daily rent is much higher than that of weekly. So we recommend planning your trip before renting a car and try to rent at a weekly rate to save money.


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