Hoping that you are on your way to planning a trip to Seychelles sounds like a very fascinating idea! Seychelles is one of the most beautiful paradise islands in the world consisting of three main islands named Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. Each of the islands has a variation of activities which are lovely in itself. This article is about to give you the nicest and most interesting things that can be done while you are in Seychelles, so without further ado, here they are given below for your convenience;

Travel Back In Time

In regard to the three main islands, there is one which will definitely set you well back in time, La Digue! This island is very attractive despite being set back in time. There are a smaller number of vehicles on this island as most of them are bicycles. So,Seychelles Holidays can be spent cycling around the island.Bikes can be hired from the many suppliers that are available around. Cycling around the island is beautiful and is more appreciated when looked around while cycling. Most of the island is also paved and is maintained in a very clean manner.

Look For The Secret Waterfall

There is apparently a secret waterfall in Praslin island that is one worthy shot to enjoy while you are in Seychelles. This waterfall is more or less very hidden and supposed to be secret to the rest of the world which is the reason why there are no definite routes to reach the destination, but asking locals about it would be a great idea to visit this beautiful waterfall preserved of its beauty.

Take A Trip To A Nearby Country

You could always travel from here to another country while you are in Seychelles, as Zimbabwe is a neighbor and is very easy to get to, in order to explore more of Africa’s gems.

Indulge In Local Food

The food available in Seychelles is the best and the locally cultured food is also supposed to taste like a bit of heaven. There are many food outlets around the islands, but there are few that are deemed to be the best out of the rest. But whatever you do, make sure to eat the local food when you are here as it would give you a whole new experience.

Explore The World Underwater

Africa has its own share of beautiful creatures roaming around during their safaris, but the underwater creatures just take your levels of experience into a whole new level. The fish and creatures underwater are essential to be visited by you. There are many options to go scuba diving and snorkeling to see the beauties under water, so do them while you are in Seychelles.

All the above mentioned things are more interesting than they sound already, so if you are planning a trip, make sure to make al kinds of prior bookings to ensure that you are given the experiences of everything up there during your visit. Therefore, consider the above and have fun!


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