Caster wheels come in different sizes, shapes, materials, and prices. Every caster has a strong and weak point. For example, steel wheels are very strong and durable but are too noisy.

Your chosen caster wheel should be efficient, works best in your environment without compromising on quality, and are affordable. Here’s a guide to help you find the best caster wheels.

Weight of Load

When the load to be transported is heavy, you’ll need a large wheel to distribute the weight and roll easier. First, divide the total load by the number of casters to determine how much weight each caster must support.

Since the load isn’t always evenly distributed due to shifts and uneven loading, choose a caster rated for capacity greater than your calculated load. And can bear the extra weight.

Choice of Wheel

When you have a smooth surface, hard tread wheels are the best choice. Soft treaded wheels are perfect for hard rough and outdoor surfaces.

If floor protection is your priority, choose pneumatic wheels. However, they won’t carry a heavy load. They’re quiet, thus perfect in environments where noise is not tolerated, e.g., in hospitals.

Cast iron and steel wheels can carry a big load but can be harmful to your floor. Since steel wheels are very noisy, choose them where noise isn’t an issue, especially in farms and industries.

Poly wheels offer good load capacity, moderate floor protection, and low noise concerns. Textile wheels will protect your floor and give you great load capacity at a fair price.

Choice of Bearings

There’re different types of bearings you can choose based on what you require. If you’re handling a huge load capacity and moisture isn’t an issue,  pick roller bearings, which are suitable for heavy industrial applications.

Ball bearings provide maximum rolling ease and need little effort to start and keep rolling. In a corrosive and wet environment, Delrin bearings work best. The plain bore bearings are cheaper, but they come with high rolling resistance, thus a poor choice where efficiency is a priority.

Environmental or Flooring Issues

When choosing casters, you should consider chemicals, moisture, floor obstructions, and other environmental factors. The obstructions require soft, resilient wheels to roll over them.

Hard tread wheels will work where there are no obstructions. To efficiently roll over the debris, you require larger wheels with bigger carrying capacity.

A rough environment with sharp objects requires very strong wheels that won’t easily get damaged. A very corrosive environment will need casters that are resistant to corrosion.

Value and Cost

A good caster ensures the load is moving smoothly and easily. But your choice shouldn’t compromise on your safety and health or that of your workers.

A cheaper caster is very tempting, but it might wear out or break easily. The best furniture casters aren’t cheap, but they’ll increase productivity, reduce long term cost, and gives you a huge return on your investment.

Want to Buy Caster Wheels for Your Furniture?

Are you shopping for the best caster wheels for your furniture? Have these things in mind so you can buy the best ones that will serve you for a long time.

Also, don’t get hung up on the cost. Quality caster wheels may be a little expensive, but they’ll be worth it in the long run.

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