Sometimes the best thing to do is lift up your roots and head to somewhere else. A change in scenery can be exactly what your mind and body need. While it can be hard to pack up your life and start somewhere new, it can be well worth the initial challenges. 

Those challenges aren’t just emotional or transitional, though. Many of them are logistical. For example, moving all of your personal belongings from one city to another is a task sure to give you a major headache. 

Shipping can be expensive, and if you’re moving far, the costs can make your stomach drop. You’ll have to work smart to keep costs low, but it’s possible to do. Read on and we’ll walk you through the cheapest way to ship boxes to another state. 

Pack Smart

Before you even start figuring out what you’re going to ship, take stock of what you do have. Organize your belongings and start having a full picture of everything you’ll need to move across state lines. 

A lot of helpful steps can happen in this part of the process. As you dig through things, you’ll likely begin to recognize just how much you’ve accumulated over the years. This means you can start tossing or donating what you don’t think you’ll need when you start over fresh in a new city. 

It’s nice to be comfortable in your bedroom, but you might realize that ten pillows is a little excessive. 

Not only will getting rid of these items free up your soul and sense of being, it’ll also keep your shipping costs down. Fewer items mean fewer boxes and less weight, after all. 

As you begin to get items together, consider measuring and weighing the bigger items. This will give you a better estimate of what costs you’ll have ahead of you. It will also help you make difficult decisions: it would be nice to bring that big vase, but is it worth it if it weighs half a ton? 

Take stock of your packing items too. If you already own boxes, bubble wrap, and the like those are expenses you won’t have to get charged for by a moving company. 

Pack smart and group items carefully to take advantage of space. The fewer boxes you have the easier and cheaper it will be to move your things across the country. The more steps you can take prior to even talking to a shipping company, the better experience you’ll likely to have. 

Understanding The Available Vendors 

There are a number of different shipping companies that you could use to ship your belongings. There are classic and well-known titans of the industry and there are lesser known entities as well. 

The big ones you’ve probably heard of include UPS, Fed Ex, and the United States Postal Service. USPS ships cheaply and efficiently, but they have a number of limitations on what they are allowed to carry. They also are generally less well regarded by many in terms of quality of service. 

UPS and Fed Ex are both private companies that compete with the United States Postal Service. As weight increases, these companies can get quite expensive with their charges. 

These are likely the first place your mind went when you thought about shipping your stuff out of the state. But they aren’t the only options. 

You could also look into moving pods. Moving pods are large storage containers you can fill and attach to the back of your vehicle. This puts a lot more of the work on your own shoulders, but that means it can help you keep the overall cost down. 

Train companies like Amtrack also sometimes offer shipping services. These services are often very cheap, much cheaper than the services offered by major shipping companies. The reason, though? They can only deliver to locations on the rail line, meaning your new home might not be a viable option. 

LTL shipping is another great option if you don’t mind doing the packing and shipping yourself. LTL stands for less-than-truckload and refers to when your load requires a small portion of a truck as opposed to the whole thing. 

Freight shipping with LTL is a great way to keep costs down if you’re shipping large items across the country. Most LTL friendly companies will be happy to give you an estimate based on the size and weight of your items. 

What form of shipping is right for you? It’ll depend on your particular situation. Some cheaper options require more effort, work, and compromises. You’ll have to decide if these are right for your situation. 

Don’t Get Sidetracked By Reviews

We rely on reviews for everything these days. But if there’s one area where you might not want to get too sidetracked by online reviews, it’s shipping companies. 

Almost everyone has one of their packages manhandled by one of the major shipping vendors. Almost everyone has also had an amazing and lightning fast experience with each one. There are so many factors that go into the delivery of each and every individual package that it’s hard to ascertain if one bad experience is really indicative of a service problem. 

So when picking out a vendor for your shipping needs, don’t go down a review rabbit hole. Do your research and determine which vendor provides a service that is best for your needs and your budget. Then commit to them. 

The Cheapest Way To Ship Boxes To Another State

Navigating the numbers of shipping rates can be busy and stressful work. But if you plan properly and do your research, you should be able to find a way to transport your goods without breaking the bank.

The best and cheapest way to ship boxes to another state will depend on your items and the work you’re willing to put in. But the above options should give you plenty of room to start considering the best move for you. 

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