In 2017, there were 1.8 billion cosmetic surgeries performed in the US. Of those, 129,753 procedures were tummy tucks.

Tummy tucks continue to remain one of the most common cosmetic procedures. Read on for five tips to help you your tummy tuck recovery go smoothly.

1. Have a Helper On-Site for the First Two Days

How quickly you recover from a tummy tuck has a lot to do with how well you do in the crucial first few days post-surgery.

When preparing for a tummy tuck, you are eager and excited about your results. And you might not focus too much on the recovery.

Remember, a tummy tuck is a surgical procedure. You won’t slip into your bikini and drive to the beach after your tummy tuck.

You need to take it extremely easy and get lots of rest after your tummy tuck.

The best tummy tuck advice we can give you is to have someone at home who is going to help you. Arrange for a family member or friend to stay with you for a couple of days.

You will need help getting in and out of bed, taking off clothing and having a shower.

Pushing yourself to do these things alone will slow down your recovery. Instead, arrange to have someone there to be your helper well before your tummy tuck.

2. Wear Your Compression Garments

We know compression garments aren’t sexy. But your days in more attractive underwear will come soon.

For now, follow your plastic surgeon’s advice on how long to wear compression garments. Usually, you’ll need to wear them for five days after your tummy tuck, or maybe even longer.

You can use makeup to cover up your scar until it fades.

Mentally prepare yourself for a tummy tuck recovery by understanding that healing takes time. Learn more about a tummy tuck cost.

3. Be Careful How You Sleep

A large portion of your tummy tuck recovery will be spent sleeping. Sleep is good to help your body heal itself. But, if you aren’t in the right position, you can put pressure on your abdominal area.

Make sure you sleep in a semi-inclined position by using body pillows. Use two or three pillows behind your head and a pillow under your knees.

And, when it’s time to get out of bed, do it carefully.

First, sit up. Then slowly swing your legs over the side of the bed. Finally, move to a standing position.

4. Drink Lots and Lots of Water

Staying hydrated isn’t just a useless bit of tummy tuck advice that doesn’t do anything. Drinking water after any surgery reduces your risk for complications.  It also helps your body flush out toxins.

If you weren’t in the habit of drinking water, start now. Then you will be doing something good to support your recovery. 

5. Get Walking

Your surgeon will tell you that you are not allowed to exercise for many weeks after a tummy tuck. But you are encouraged to walk every day.

As soon as you can stand straight (typically 3-4 days post surgery) you can begin taking walks. Aim for 30-minutes each day.

Walking promotes good circulation and blood flow in your body. This helps make your recovery faster.

Bottom Line on Tummy Tuck Recovery 

We hope these five tips for a smooth tummy tuck recovery help you prepare for your upcoming procedure.

Remember, your tummy tuck results won’t come instantly. You will have swelling and bruising in the first several weeks after your operation. But in a few short months, you’ll have the flat stomach you’ve always dreamed of.

Want to share your tummy tuck journey with the world? Check out these 6 steps to start a YouTube vlog.


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