Asking for help can be one of the hardest things for someone to do however it can also be very beneficial to you.

The Shock of the Situation

Shocking situations such as an unexpected death in the family can put you into a state of disbelief. Even if you are picking up the phone and contacting funeral services Melbourne, the shock may not hit you until later. Once the funeral arrangements have been made and there is nothing left to do, the shock might hit you then.

Who to Ask?

Especially after experiencing the loss of a loved one, you may feel lost, confused and even angry. If you feel you cannot reach out to anyone in your life there is always the option of seeking professional help. If you feel you cannot handle things on your own you should consider asking for help because the longer you struggle on your own the worse things might get.

Open Up

Opening up and talking about your feelings and your problems may be more beneficial to you instead of you keeping everything to yourself. You may not feel comfortable opening up to people you know therefore seeking professional help might be more beneficial to you as sometimes talking to a complete stranger about your problems could be easier. Neglecting or ignoring your issues will not make the problem go away. Instead your problems will only build up over time which would result in you feeling more stress and anxiety.

Do What You Are Supposed To

You need to make sure that you do what you are supposed to in order to get better. For example, if your therapist gives you exercise to practice at home for instance if you are given a breathing exercise you should make sure that you do the work asked of you. It is also important that you are consistent. After attending one or two counseling sessions even if you to feel you have progressed you should not stop. Being consistent is one of the best tools for helping yourself. Do not be afraid to ask questions for instance if your therapist gives you a breathing exercise it would be helpful for you to understand why the breathing exercise has been given to you.

No Shame

It is vital that you understand that there is no shame in seeking professional help. You should try and not let other people’s negative attitudes prevent you from seeking help. There may be people who tell you to ignore your feelings or to just forget about it, however, in the long run, this could be more detrimental to you. Therefore you should try and face your problems head-on.

Other Options

If you personally do not think counseling is the best route then you should not force yourself. There are other ways you could get your feelings out. You can find creative ways to get your feelings and emotions out such as through music, art and even just by writing. Writing how you feel will be especially beneficial if you are someone who does not like to share your feelings with others.


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