Have you woken up from your sleep with back, neck and overall body pains? It could mean many things but it could also quite likely boil down to the state of your mattress. Sleeping on a bad mattress has a series of side effects that if not rectified can lead to a series of serious health problems.

Older mattresses that are made of cotton can become hard over time resulting in gaps where your body tends to sink in Among the usual here are some other effects of sleeping on a bad mattress.

Weakened immune system

Believe it or not a bad mattress can lead to a lower immune system. It may not be directly be connected to the mattress but it does have a lot to do with how well you sleep. Sleeping a crucial part of your day as this is when your body is able to rest and complete certain functions.

When you sleep on a bad mattress your body is not comfortable therefore this hinders the rest you get. Restless sleep and unlevelled bodies hinder the body’s functions that cause stress, irritation and sometimes even pain. Due to the lack of proper sleep your immune systems are weakened resulting in you being prone to allergies and sicknesses.

Bad posture

It is of utmost important for you to sleep on a mattress that provides proper back support. The bends in a bad mattress can lead to back and neck pains, which can lead to bad posture. It is vital to upgrade from your old mattress. If you are looking for mattresses in a box Australia has plenty of distributors that ship mattresses to all parts of the country, thus making it convenient and easy.

Respiratory problems

Snoring and other respiratory problems can be caused due to bad mattresses. A proper mattress supports the entire body however when you sink into a bad mattress your airways and lungs can be blocked or squashed, this causes snoring and respiratory problems. If you experience any of these, it might be a good time to switch it up as soon as possible.

Stress and irritation

Stress can be due to lack of sleep and proper rest of the body. When we wake up tired and frustrated it usually is the start to a bad day. When the body is not allowed to maximize its rest and functions it results in the body being stresses. Therefore, invest in a good mattress or consider getting a mattress topper.


When was the last time your mattress was put out to air? Whether we realize or not a mattress is the ultimate dust catcher. We launch ourselves into bed sometimes still in our day clothes which are covered with dust and pollutants all them now rubbing off on your mattress. It is important to air a mattress every few months or even get it vacuumed to get rid of dust and dirt that gets collected over time.  


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