Wondering how to write a speech to deliver in the classroom and impress your audience? Practically everyone may need to deliver a speech at some point in their life. Writing speeches may seem challenging but, in fact, it doesn’t differ from writing for other mediums. You need to know your topic, the length of the speech, and your audience. This is true for all kinds of speeches: informative, entertaining, persuasive, instructional, and special occasion speeches. All of them share the same goal that is to deliver some message clearly and effectively to an audience.

When you deliver a speech, you get feedback from your audience in real time.  If you write and make a speech that doesn’t go well, your audience will be bored to death and they won’t listen. Of course, it’s not the end of the world but we all know that a good speech can make an impression on your audience and leave them with a couple of takeaways. If you make a good speech in the classroom, it can earn you an A on your assignment.

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Top Tips for Powerful Writing Speeches

 Know your audience. You should have a good idea of what your listeners care about. You need to tailor your speech to your audience in terms of language and ideas. Besides, you should take into account your listeners’ knowledge and interests. If you are an expert in a field and deliver a speech to the general audience, you need to define all terms otherwise they won’t understand you.

Outline your speech. Tell your listeners what you are going to say from the very beginning, then tell them about it, and tell them what you have said at the end of your speech. If you repeat your message more than once, your audience is more likely to remember it because people typically remember only a small portion of what they hear. In this case, repetition is the key to success.

Think about the structure of your speech and organize it according to your purpose. If you are willing to inform your listeners, you can use alphabetical or chronological organization. If you want to convince your listeners to take a stand, you need to present a problem and offer a solution to it.

Start your speech with some attention grabber to engage your audience. You can ask some question, tell a unique personal story, reference to a specific location, use the appropriate quotation or provide surprising statistics that are relevant to the topic of your speech. Don’t forget to use transitions between your ideas and examples to help people follow your logic.

Create a memorable conclusion that is short and to the point. End your speech with an anecdote or create a vivid image. At the end of your speech, you can ask your audience to perform some action, for example, take part in some event or contribute to a certain cause.

Offer relevant evidence to support your ideas and claims. You can use examples from history, your own personal life, and current events. Find quotations from the experts in a specific field of knowledge but use them carefully. It’s your speech and you should present your own ideas. You can consult some credible sources for statistics, for example, government reports. If you use some facts, you have to check them and ensure they are accurate

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