14% of the United States population moves every year. Are you going to be one of those 40 million people this year?

If so, awesome! We wish you the best in starting out on your life’s next great chapter.

We also wish you the best with the strenuous process of actually picking up all of your stuff and moving it.

As a matter of fact, we’ll do you one better than wishing you well! We’ll actually give you some great moving on a budget tips that’ll save you some cash.

Keep reading to learn more!

1. Move During Off-Peak Times

If you’re thinking about moving in the summer, think again. Everybody moves during the summer and since moving companies are overworked, they’re going to overcharge.

To save a few dollars without too much additional inconvenience, move your move to the fall or winter.

Those are slow seasons for movers and they’ll be willing to cut you a deal.

2. Compare and Contrast Mover Rates

Don’t just hire the first moving company that you see pop up in your Google results. That’s a serious moving on a budget faux pa.

Instead, browse a few movers in your area, give them a call and see what rates they’re willing to offer. Don’t be afraid to tell them that another mover is offering you a better deal to see if they’ll come down on their price.

3. Enlist Your Friends

If you give your friends enough heads up, chances are that some of them will help you move. Friends tend to work for pats on the back and pizza which is a rate that most movers can’t compete with.

Don’t have friends? Talk to family! They can be super helpful too!

4. Find Free/Cheap Boxes

To move, you’re going to need boxes. While it may seem like your life is filled with boxes right now, you’ll be surprised to find that when you actually need all of that extra cardboard, it disappears!

Rather than going down to Office Max and spending a fortune on those hollow squares, check out the gaylord box exchange or rummage through the back of grocery stores.

Chances are, you’ll dig up some solid box deals.

5. Trash Some Stuff

The more stuff you move, the more your move is going to cost you.

You’re moving into a new place! Use this moment as an excuse to purge a little bit.

Enlist the help of a non-sentimental friend and start moving some of your old crud to the dumpster.

Wrapping Up Our Moving on a Budget Tips

There are a lot of different ways that you can make your moving on a budget dreams your reality.

We recommend starting by following our advice above and, if you need more insight, continue browsing more of the helpful lifestyle content we have featured on our website!

You’ll be glad you did.


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