People who are passive and hesitant often tend to live life on a boring side filled with unfulfilled goals and wishes. So, if you see yourself heading into that direction, here are a few lessons you can learn from fearless people in order to kick start your momentum.

Don’t hesitate to say no

Most people think that fearless people are up for anything, however, saying “No” to things often requires much more bravery than saying “Yes”. If someone asks you to do something you don’t like or don’t agree with, refuse openly. It will show your individuality and help you feel fearless. If you have a reason to say no, explain yourself, but know that you have a right to refuse something without an excuse. If you commit to your decision, you will gain a huge amount of self-respect and respect from other people.

Ask for the things you want

People are often selfish and thoughtless. You can’t spend your life waiting to receive recognition or expect people to consider your needs. You have to ask for the things you want and deserve. However, don’t confuse this with being aggressive or rude. Boldness is never directed towards other people like offensiveness and aggression often are—it’s about taking action and overcoming personal fears. When you confidently and tactfully state your wishes, no hard feelings will develop.

Make the first move

Whenever you feel shy or hesitant, shake that fear off and make the first move. Ask your colleagues to hit the bar after work. Tell your crush how you feel about them. Apologize to your spouse or partner for that time you overreacted. Talk to that person you find interesting. What’s the worst that can happen? If you get rejected, brush it off and move on. Sometimes, it’s just that simple!

Ask for help

Asking for help when you need it is not a sign of weakness, but that of bravery and fearlessness. Ask your boss to mentor you. Ask for directions when you get lost. Ask for help when you need it and you will probably receive it—most people love to help and feel needed. If they say “No”, ask the next person. Fearless people learn how to deal with rejection and continue pushing, while fearful people give up after one try.

Listen to your gut

If you often find yourself wavering because your brain is overwhelmed with overthinking, you need to learn how to turn it off sometimes. Getting out of your head and listening to your gut is often the best thing you can do for yourself. Stop thinking in “shoulds” and start thinking in “wants”. Every time you’re faced with a decision, think it through, but remember to ask your gut for an opinion. Your gut can help you in many situations, not just when choosing a lunch special!

These boldness lessons will not only allow you to have more fun and fulfilled life but also become your most authentic self and be truly happy. Go get them, tiger!


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