Avast antivirus is one of the top antivirus programs with maximum numbers of downloads. This company provides premium antivirus plans with advanced protection services as well as freeware with basic security tools. These security software programs are available for Windows, Android, and Apple devices. While using Avast antivirus, some users reported that they are getting Avast error code 42127 error. A user can get into 42127 error code due to numerous reasons.

Possible reasons behind Avast Error Code 42127: 

  1. Missing Avast program files
  2. User is trying to install incompatible Avast setup
  3. Registry files corruption
  4. System junk in interrupting Avast antivirus
  5. User has installed a conflicting program
  6. Corrupted Windows files

Best methods for resolving Avast Error Code 42127:

Make sure you have installed a compatible Avast antivirus setup

Avast provides you with various plans for different devices. But every Avast plan has specific resource requirements. You can install the Avast antivirus on your device only when it fulfils all the requirements of Avast plan. If you are getting the error code 42127 while installing the Avast setup then check the requirements immediately. Sometimes you can get this error when you are trying to install an incompatible Avast setup on your device. Check the requirements of Avast setup and compare it with your device specifications. If the Avast plan is incompatible then uninstall the setup and search for a compatible Avast antivirus plan.

Disable Avast antivirus temporarily

Try disabling Avast for some time and enable it again. Disabling the Avast temporarily can also fix the error. Now the question is how to disable Avast? You can easily disable your Avast antivirus by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. On the desktop, click on Taskbar
  2. Right-click on Avast shields control (orange Avast icon)
  3. Now from the options- click on disable for 10 minutes

Your Avast antivirus will get disabled temporarily for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, Avast antivirus will get enabled automatically. Run an Avast scan and check whether the Avast error 42127 gets fixed or not.

Repair the registry files

The registry files of your computer can also lead to the antivirus related error. These files get damaged due to any small changes or runtime error. If the Avast related registry files get damaged then you have to fix them immediately. But fixing the registry files is not a very job. You will require technical knowledge for repairing those files. If you want to repair the registry files, create a backup first. Here are the steps for getting a backup key for Avast:

  1. Click the Windows button
  2. Type run and press the Enter button
  3. Windows run bar will appear on the screen
  4. Type cmd on your run bar
  5. Press the Enter button
  6. A confirmation window may appear
  7. Choose Confirm option
  8. Windows command screen will be displayed
  9. Type Regedit on the black screen
  10. Press the Enter button

Windows registry editor page will open on the screen. For the list, click on error-related keys (Avast key) and export them to desktop. Make sure you are saving the files with .reg extensions. Now go to the desktop and edit the corrupted registry files. Now restart your device and run Avast antivirus.

Remove the conflicting program

If the user is getting Avast 42127 error code with a particular program that means the program is conflicting with Avast. You have to uninstall that program from your device. Conflicting programs are usually malicious. The conflicting issues can also appear when you have installed another antivirus on your device. Remove the other antivirus setup from the device. Go to the Programs folder on the Windows device (Apps for Windows 10) and click on the conflicting program. Now click on the Uninstall button and you may have to follow a few steps for completing the program uninstallation process. Once complete, restart your computer and check for Avast 42127 error code.

Keep the device junk-free

There are lots of unnecessary files which can interrupt your Avast antivirus. Temporary files often create conflicts with running programs. When you get any type of issue while using a Windows device, clean temporary files from your device. Press the Windows button and type run. On the run box, type %temp% and hit the Enter button. Now press Ctrl and A buttons from the keyboard. Right-click and select the delete button. Now run the Avast antivirus and check for the error. If you are still getting the same error then run a clean manager tool. This Windows tool will search and remove all the junk files on your device. Open the run bar and type cmd. On the command screen, type cleanmgr and hit the Enter button. This Windows cleaning tool will run and scan for all the junk files. A list of files and programs will appear on the screen. Select the items you can delete and then click on the OK button. After removing all the files, click on the Avast icon to run. If the error message is still appearing then ask the technical team for help.


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