The primary reason you write a blog is to engage others in the topic you are writing about. Although you may have some excellent points of view to share and a great deal of experience to back that up, you can never be sure that it will be read and appreciated to the degree that you would hope. Truth be told, it may not be read in its entirety by more than a handful of readers. Is there hope for your blog? Yes. Given the short amount of time anyone cares to give to reading blogs, or anything for that matter, is it possible to engage the reader in this sphere of work? This is a very involved question but the short answer is, Yes!

There are four skills you must develop to encourage your readers

Be Sensitive to the Reader’s Time.

When writing your blog, remember that the reader is no doubt pressed for time for various reasons. If you want to ensure their commitment, work with them.

  • Use short sentences to allow comprehension.
  • Write in shorter paragraphs, i.e., two to three sentences each. This enables skimming.
  • Use a normal size font. Print that is too small is too difficult on the eyes and takes time to read.
  • Use a standard print style easy to read.

Don’t be Afraid to Bring Emotion into Play.

Many people are surprised to know that our emotions enable us to grasp notions faster and maintain them longer than our rational brain. I am not referring to sappy words with romantic innuendos. Words of emotion such as Sigh!, Pity!, Shame!, etc. are used with little difficulty and do not compromise your professional piece of work. If you use pictures and/or stories that complement the facts you are attempting to put across, the degree of engagement will multiply exponentially.

A Little Humor Goes a Long Way.

In a busy world, people are often overly stressed. One excellent remedy for this is humor. If you can utilize subtle humor in your writing, most people will be magnetized by it. This technique assumes that you know your audience and the type of humor they will relate to. If you are not sure of your audience, you must be very careful with humor. If you are confident that your humor is “one size fits all” then go for it because it will have a very powerful effect.

Use Good, Solid, Original Content.

One reason people skim and skip on the web is that there is so much repetition. We do not need to rehash what we have just read on someone else’s page. Do your research and write from your experience. Chances are it will be original. If you feel you are not in sync with the people you are attempting to engage, take time off to do your homework. When readers feel confident that they have found a like-minded author they will stick with you. Good Luck!


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