Feeling like your drinking’s gotten out of control? Then you might want to consider quitting drinking alcohol.

Eliminating alcohol from your habits can drastically improve your quality of life. Here are five things that happen when you quit drinking.

1. You Lose Weight

When people count calories, they usually focus on foods. Obviously, alcohol is a liquid, so many people aren’t aware of how many calories are in a drink.

In just one margarita, there are 360 calories! If you have five of those in a week, then that’s a whole extra pound gained. There are many other drinks that have more calories in them, so you can only imagine how much weight you can gain from those.

When you quit drinking, not only do you stop putting toxins into your body, but you also stop consuming empty calories.

2. You Save Money

If you’re struggling with how to quit drinking, this major change might motivate you.

Drinking can become an expensive habit, especially if you buy your drinks at bars. One or two drinks can easily total $20, including tips. Multiply that by a few times a week, and you’re spending triple digits to drink in a month.

Even if you go the cheaper route and buy alcohol to drink at home, that’s still money you could’ve saved to buy other necessities.

3. You Sleep Better

You may feel like a few glasses of wine helps you sleep better at night, and maybe it does initially. Alcohol does make you feel sleepy, after all.

However, when you drink, you have a harder time staying asleep. So even though you hit the pillow more easily, you probably don’t feel very well-rested the next day. Plus, you may be hungover as well.

4. You’ll Have a Better Sex Life

Sure, alcohol may loosen your inhibitions and let you feel more comfortable in bed, but it also has detrimental effects on your body. Booze can reduce your sensitivity, as well as cause erectile dysfunction for men and dryness for women.

If you’re single, alcohol may loosen your inhibitions too much and cause you to practice unsafe sex. This can put you at risk for STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

5. You’ll Look Younger

Have you ever seen an older alcoholic? Chances are, they look much older than they really are.

This is because alcohol is a diuretic, which dries out your skin. The key to looking youthful is having hydration, which is difficult when alcohol’s constantly leeching moisture away from your body. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol

As you can see, quitting drinking alcohol can have many advantages. Not only can you save money from not drinking anymore, but you can also improve your health.

A great side effect of the above is you’ll feel better mentally as well! So quit drinking and get started on a journey to a better you.

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