Most people tend to assume that it’s only through owning or buying a property that they can invest in the real estate business but we can assure it’s not. You can invest in the real estate business without actually purchasing a property. This is because there are many other investment opportunities that you can invest in to bring you a flawless fund return.

The coastal cities have profited a lot, especially in the previous year from the increase in housing prices that rose up to 10%. It’s a good idea to invest in the real estate business because most inland cities like NewYork are experiencing a high growth rate of more than 34% that could be very beneficial in the real estate investment.

Yes, there are real estate investment opportunities that do not require you to buy any property at all, and we are going to show you the 9 best ways to do it.

Exchange Traded Funds

Also referred to as ETFs. They are a collection of bonds or stocks to a single trust. You can invest in these ETFs because they’ll not only grow your wealth but also increase your diversity in the market. If you have a clue on how things like index and mutual funds operate then understanding how ETFs work is the least of your concerns.

A good example of a real estate exchange traded fund is the vanguard VNQ whose investment stocks are given by the real estate investment trusts on hotels, buildings and other property types. There are other several types of ETF’s that you can invest your money in but ensure that you do your research first and find a suitable one for you.

Real Estate Mutual Funds

There are various real estate investment opportunities in the society but if you find a reliable mutual fund to invest in don’t hesitate to grab the chance. You’ll find investment in terms of properties, bonds, and even shares. Real estate mutual funds have amazing promising future returns and you can find them at low affordable prices.


These real estate investment trusts were first discovered in the 1960s. like the ETFs and mutual funds, investors prefer investing in these because they diversify your holdings depending on the REIT investment class you choose.

The biggest advantage of this kind of REITs is it expands your investment in other areas thus bringing in more capital. It is advisable to invest in publicly traded real estate investment trusts compared to non traded real estate trusts. This is because of poor transparency, high fees and lack of liquidity.

Investments Companies

You can invest in real estate companies by buying stocks. The good part is that there is a variety of companies in this sector that you can invest in; apartments, office buildings, rents, and many others. It has one difference when compared to REITs, ETFs, and mutual funds because they may pay lower income dividends.

More investing and patience with time will bring you the profit that you crave. Take caution and do your homework before purchasing any stock from any company.

Equity Crowdfunding

This is a real estate concept introduced in 2012 by the job act. Here, a company developer looks for individuals and convinces them to invest in their real estate projects. For these businessmen to be approached they must have a huge net worth because investing in these projects requires large sums of money.

An added advantage is that once you invest in these projects then you have the upper hand in deciding the location and type of property as you want it to be. Reality shares and moguls are some of the crowdfunding examples you can invest in.

House Construction

If you do your research well then you’ll know that the reason as to why the real estate market has grown exponentially fast is because of the limited inventory of house projects. With the rising population in our current society, it’s with no doubt that there will be more and more construction of houses.

Investing in the construction of these houses seems to be a very good idea because there will be more renovations of old structures to meet the current house requirements too. Read the article on the protection of the 1031 exchange to understand more about real estate investment opportunities.

Use a Real Estate Property Manager

Another alternative that can help you to invest in real estate without buying any property and still give you more income returns is through the help of a property manager. This is because they will advise you and help you oversee investment opportunities in advance.

In simple terms hiring, a real estate property manager will save you from any stressful tasks. property managers take care of basic things like repairs, rent collection, hiring of other staff members.

Hard Capital Loans

If you have the cash you’re interested in investing, consider lending it as a loan to any real estate investors. This is a good fit for you because you’ll receive your cash back after an agreed period of time with a big interest payment in your pocket.

Ensure that you lend your money to a reputable known company or investor and not a stranger. this will help to evade fraud or worse, completely losing your money.

Online Real Estate Investment

You can also invest in real estate online by investing in upcoming online investment companies. There are companies like fundraising mogul that can allow you to invest in commercial or residential estates and receive your returns wherever you are.

You can use our capital in various investment projects that you could be aware of or not but what matters is the amount of money they’ll get you in return. You’ll gain dividends and long term benefits from your investment.

How to Gain Real Estate Investment Opportunities to Earn You More Profit

It’s obvious that there are many ways you can make more money through investing in real estate business. The trick is simple, look for real estate investment opportunities that suit you and take a risk. It’s true that in business you must take a risk because you can’t be a well-respected person in business if you can’t a risk.

Be sure to contact us if you need any assistance with your real estate investment plans to help you find a better investment that suits you.


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