Why would any of you want to go to a gym if you have a treadmill waiting for you at home? I mean c’mon do the math you pay so much for your gym fee, why not saving it a bit and buy a treadmill for home.

I think having a treadmill is much in your benefit as it allows you to run whenever you want to. I mean you have the luxury to choose whether you want to sweat at 4’O clock in the morning or whatever.

Most particularly, treadmills are quite safe and convenient that allows you to simulate your race better. So if you are looking for the best treadmill options that work out for you, then read on because we have made a list of 7 best treadmills that you can use to hit the new resolution of shedding pounds in 2019. Wadav has coupon codes that can help you to save money on your purchases.

Let’s dig into it….


It is one of the best treadmills for the runners on a budget as it is inexpensive and costs about $1000 only. Though you can find the treadmills under $1,000 good for walking, those often get squirrelly under the stress of running. However, the orange shocks on the C990 can allow you to go from a soft surface ideal for walking and easy jogging to road-like hard when you want to run fast with just a half-turn of each shock.

It is basically, one of the solid treadmills that come with a variety of options. It has a 20-inch wide belt and is just perfect for the people who want to jump-start a healthy life.


If you want to hit your daily step counting goals than this is a perfect treadmill for you that costs about $1499. The Lifespan TR5500I is a powerful, yet plain training tool with about 46 preconfigured workouts.

It can allow you to use the free Active Track smartphone app that saves your session data and also shares it to the sites like Endomondo and Strava. The machine is capable of counting your steps based on the strain each footfall places on the motor. Its maximum speed is of 13.5 mph, which is pretty uncommon at this price.


The NordicTrack Commercial 2950 is perfect for commercial use. With its price about $1,999, it is one of the perfect treadmills for the household of the runner of all sizes. According to some of the fitness professionals, this treadmill the most perfect choice at a very reasonable price.

In addition to the different kind of iFit programming found in the C990, this model also offers a 10-inch screen Moreover, the console of this treadmill can be raised or lowered with just one push of a button to comfortably suit the runners of any height. Also, the cushioning can be easily adjusted with just the twist of a handle and can go from springy to pavement-firm.


The Precor TRM 223 is yet another perfect treadmill for all the runners that allows you to burn some calories at home with just one hit to the button. This treadmill has the simplest design and offers an overwhelming number of options just what the runner needs. The options are inclusive of the settings like hill and interval workouts.

The treadmill has a very sleek, black console that is free of clutter and the extra buttons. Moreover, the LCD screen with a Tetris like display of blocks shows the information of your workout underway. While the other metrics such as the time, distance, and pace are always displayed in big, easy to see digits. The treadmill costs about $2,699.

BH Fitness S7Ti treadmill

The BH Fitness S7Ti is yet another treadmill that can be used at home to enjoying your sweaty workout. The machine is very simple to operate, just hop on and hit the Quick Start” button, and you are ready to break the sweat.

Due to its simplicity, the machine has very few added features. Though, you can easily pair the treadmill with your Bluetooth to the BH Trainer iOS or Android app for real-time coaching, workout stats, and prompts when you have to alter your pace or incline. It also comes with an eco-function that reduces the power consumption by adjusting the inclination, while you run at the same effort but put very less strain on the motor. It also cuts your electricity bill.

Thus, in just $2,999 this is one of the high-quality steel frames with black powder coating finish that proved sturdy even at the higher speeds.


The Woodway Curve Trainer is another commercial treadmill that works on a proper form. Its price is a bit on the higher end that costs about $4,995, but a lot of people have been a fan of Woodway’s slatted running surface that delivers a realistic ground feel and speeds up on the previous Curve. It also provides the experience of the steep arc that allows you to speed up and slow down much more quickly, thus making it perfect for the intervals.

The new model of the Curve Trainer has a shallower lift at the ends, which makes it better for the steady pace longer jogs.


The Landice L8 Cardio is the quietest treadmill that is used in the house with sleeping babies. It has the thick four-ply belt that is made for ninja like footfalls. The L8 treadmill is also very quick in responding to the speed and the inclination changes. Most of the runners are shocked with its speed of responding to the big variations when doing intervals.

One of the best thing about this treadmill is that it has a flashy display that shows that you have reached your desired speed or the slope. Unlike the other treadmills, the L8 allows you to hit the top speed as well as the incline simultaneously. This potentially dangerous combo will even leave the world’s best mountain runners in an awe. This super fantastic treadmill is also very expensive that costs about $5,450.

These were the 7 best treadmills that allow you to stay fit even when you are at home. So, why go to the gym if you can break a sweat at home?


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