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These 3 zodiac signs will be touchy and irritable next days : 3 signs to take with a grain of salt!

If you are a fan of astrology, then this forecast is a must-read! Find out which three zodiac signs will be feeling particularly touchy and irritable, and how to handle conversations with them. Don’t miss this astrological forecast; it could be the key to having a pleasant day!

If you take an interest in astrology, you are well aware that zodiac signs can be a good indicator of someone’s personality. But how are you supposed to act if you come across one of these three zodiac signs who tend to be touchy and irritable in the next days?

In this article, we will look at these three signs and talk about what to keep in mind when interacting with them. Knowing what to expect can help ensure the conversation will proceed smoothly, and both parties will walk away happy.

Mars in Leo: the astrological perspective

As the fiery energy of Mars moves into the sign of Leo, the energies of some astrological signs will be volatile and easily stirred into emotion over the next few days. Those under the sway of this combination will be more touchy and hard to handle than usual.

It is important to remember that in times of temperamental discomfort, three of the zodiac signs, in particular, should be handled with a bit of extra sensitivity and understanding.

In the following article, we will discuss why these signs are each affected by the current astrological atmosphere, and how best to practice patience and respect when interacting with those born under the influence of these signs.

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The next few days, Aquarius will be feeling the influence of Mars in Leo, and as a result, they may be feeling touchy and irritable. It is important to handle them with care, paying special attention to what you say, as they may easily be offended.

The Aquarius is known to be natural born humanitarians, but will tend to take their intense reactions to close relationships more seriously than usual. This is a time for Aquarians to take more responsibility and assess their relationships.

This transit of Mars in Leo cause the Aquarius sign to experience emotional disturbances, strong opinions, and sometimes impulsive decisions.

These influences result in heightened sensitivity and potential outbursts of aggression, so it’s important to be mindful of their behavior and any potential triggers.

This difficult transition could potentially cause the Aquarius to feel a bit overwhelmed if they don’t take extra care with themselves.

During this period, it is important for the Aquarius to pay close attention to their emotional needs in order to have the energy and focus to effectively help those around them.


Leo natives are usually strong, independent, opinionated, passionate and generous. However, when Mars passes through Leo, these traits may become even more intense as the sign is influenced by this powerful planet.

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This can lead to a period where Leos become touchy and irritable, as well as more inclined to take risks and express their opinions more vocally.

The energy of Mars in Leo is also likely to cause Leos to become more ambitious, and they may become more focused on achieving their goals. This can be a time of growth as Leos seek to express themselves and expand outward in order to fulfill their dreams.

During this period, Leos should be careful to not let their fiery temper get the best of them and try to remain level-headed to keep their ambition on the right path.

Leos should also pay close attention to how they interact with those around them during this time. As they become more assertive and opinionated, some may find their behavior too bold and extreme.

By tuning into their emotions and inner motivation, Leos can work to balance their need for expression with consideration for the needs of others.

With this approach, Leos can make use of the passionate energy that Mars brings during this period without losing sight of the importance of keeping a good relationship with their peers.

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The upcoming days will be very intense for those with the sun sign Scorpio, as they will be influenced by the energy of Mars in Leo. This planetary combination has the potential to create appealing, but also unpredictable energy in Scorpios.

They will be highly emotional and passionate in all affairs and can feel quite touchy and irritableScorpios may find it hard to control their emotions during this time and could find they become more and more frustrated with the smallest things.

Those influenced by Mars in Leo will have an abundance of drive and courage, making them confident and willing to take risks. They will have to be aware of a tendency to be bossy or overbearing in their behaviour though.

Scorpios should practice patience and make an effort to use their emotional awareness to keep their behaviour in check. This deep planetary energy could have a positive influence for Scorpios, as working with it may well lead to personal successes and growth.

The coming days can be an opportunity for Scorpios to understand their innermost emotions and how to best express them in a healthy way.

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