Every day we are making leaps and bounds towards a greener future. 

Plenty of individuals are lowering their use of plastic straws and taking up alternative types of transportation such as biking. Every small step is making a great impact on the Earth. 

If you’ve been feeling discouraged about the future of the planet, don’t give up. Plenty of corporations are learning about hydropower and utilizing natural energy sources. 

Are you asking yourself, “What is hydropower?” Make sure to keep reading to find out more and why companies are using it. 

What is Hydropower?

Hydropower is capturing the power of moving water to create energy! Water brings tons of kinetic energy to use on wheels and generators. 

Hydro plants include a reservoir for the water, a dam to control flow, and an actual plant where the energy is produced. The water flows, pushing against blades in a large turbine. This turbine then spins a generator to create energy. 

There are several different types of hydropower plants, but all of it is cleaner than your typical fossil fuel. Trust us, there are dirty facts about using fossil fuels that are unclean enough to cause night terrors

Why Hydropower?

In the world of constant car travel and plastic grocery bags, we need any environmental help we can get. Luckily, there are plenty of advantages of hydroelectric energy

One of the top advantages is how clean this power source is! It doesn’t negatively affect the environment like refining fossil fuels does. 

Once a hydropower plant is up and running, the plant lasts a few decades without major maintenance. You can also turn a hydropower plant on and off easily and safely. 

Because using a dam can control the flow of the water, you can also control the amount of water you need based on the demand for energy. 

What Companies Are Using Hydropower?

As a silver lining in the environment, plenty of companies are using the wonders of hydropower!

Duke Energy Corp. in North Carolina has over 10 units at 6 different plant sites. These different plants create over half the power for their customers. 

A Chinese-based company, China Yangtze Power Co. Ltd, owns the biggest hydropower plant in the world. They have over 25 generators. Now, that’s a lot of clean energy. 

In Canada sits Hydro-Quebec. It’s owned by the government, and the company has 27 different reservoirs. On top of that, Canada uses tons of clean energy altogether. 

The Wonders of Hydropower

As time continues on and people keep asking questions like, “What is hydropower?”, individuals are taking action towards a greener world. Even large companies are hopping on the bandwagon.

Hydropower is a clean source of energy and can be easily controlled using a system of dams and reservoirs. There’s something amazing about using the natural powers of the Earth to create energy for us. Not only can we use water, but we can also use solar and wind energy. 

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