A calculator can be defined as an electrical instrument used to perform mathematical calculations. An online calculator is software designed to perform all the mathematical calculations and derivations. These calculators provide a great convenience to solve mathematical and numerical problems. . Calculators  has become the most important need of today’s technology based era ,  it is impossible to perform your mathematical task and calculations without any calculator .  Furthermore, there are calculators available for different medical purposes like calculating protein intake , ideal weight calculator , heart rate calculator etc .There are many sites providing these calculator services .   In this aspect, many online calculators are providing this service such as by using the https://mycalcu.com/ online calculator you can perform all types of calculations related to Math, Health, Time & Date, Financial, Conversions, Business, Holidays and many others fields. The detail of some best online calculators is given below

Online  calculator

This website is  beneficial because it provides the users with many free tools.In this site you can find a variety of calculators related to your interested areas like mathematics, finance, health, fitness, and many others
This site is useful for the students to perform mathematical as well as medical related problems and arising issues .
•Health and Financial calculators
• Mathematical calculators
• Others calculators

It provides facilities to medical students as well. In health and fitness calculator, provides us with a protein calculator, fat intake calculator, body type calculator, body surface area calculator, etc So, this site is designed to help you calculate everything related to fitness, nutrition, and work out, counting calories and more.
financial calculator is helpful to provide economist information about calculating tax and salaries, investments, mortgage, and real estate, etc. Thus ,  it is helpful in various aspects.

This site also includes the date, time, age calculators. Furthermore, it has a GPA calculator, Grade Calculator, Conversion calculator.
In mathematics calculators, it includes scientific, fraction and percentage, quadratic equation calculator. Hence, it proves to be helpful to boost up with lot of calculations.
Thus , having a lot of properties this online calculators adds comfort to many online users .

My Calcu :

 It provides the users with a wide range of calculators such as Math, Health, Time & Date, Financial, Conversions, Business, Holidays and many others. This site has a lot of features

Finance calculator
Math calculator
Fitness calculator
Time and date calculator

Age calculator

In conversions, there are a lot of features like
oGram to pound
oCentimeters to inches
oMeters to feet 
oyards to tons
oMillimeters to meters

There are many more conversion for students, business man and economists.
Length conversion
Pressure conversion
Volume conversions
Electric conversions
Area conversions
Speed conversions
Temperature conversions 
Weight conversions
This site is very useful for economists , bankers , businessman providing them the following facilities.
Stock profit ratio
Market cap calculator
Stock return calculator

The most helpful thing is that many calculators on these sites show derivations, numerical and scientific data or work related to the problems. .

Convert wizard:

This is most important site offering a variety of calculators .  These include a variety of calculators  and convertors . The  online calculator is very easy to use you can take all advantage from all features. One of the most silent feature of its site is accuracy in conversions .It takes no time to convert different scientific measurements into required form of measurements

This site has lot of conversion categories  like :

Pressure conversion calculator : 

By using this calculator you will be able to convert any type of numerical data in to Atmospheric , kilopascal ,  bars , pounds per inch , millibar etc

Volume correction calculator :

By using this calculator you will be able to convert any type of numerical data into liters cubic meter , cubic feet , US gallons etc
Weight conversion calculator:By using this you will be able to convert data into kilograms, ounce  pounce, gram etc

Velocity conversion calculator :

By using this you will be able to convert into meter per second, feet per second , inches per second , kilometer per hour etc
The most important feature is temperature conversion it can convert your Celsius recorded temperature into Fahrenheit degree and vise versa.
Hence, it is observed that there are a variety advantages enlist in convert wizard calculator. This easily available tool will solve any rising issue about mathematics.

Calculator.net :

This amazing site provides the users with unique calculators . these are divided into two categories

Basic calculator

Scientific calculator

In scientific calculator it has further many categories like  financial calculator including mortgage calculator , loan calculator , interest calculator , investment calculator , finance calculator , salary calculator , inflation calculator etc

In mathematics  calculators it includes percentage , random , triangle ,standard deviation calculator .

In Fitness and health calculator it includes BMI calculator ,Calorie calculator , Ideal weight  calculator , pace calculator , pregnancy calculator , due date calculator etc

In other calculators there are age calculator , date and time calculator , concrete calculator , password calculator . conversion calculator , hours calculator and the most important is gpa calculator . All these calculators provides convenience to the users and make them better in related to scientific and mathematical problems . ALL these online calculators add comfort to the students , teachers and businessman .


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