Almost every folk on the globe using either PC or smartphone today is aware of what a USB is. USBs have been ruling the PC and other device’s data transfer world for decades. There have been many revisions launched in the previous10 years by USB manufacturer, to improve the data transfer speed and connection capabilities.

Even on a current date, USB Type-A has been the most common and widely used port across the globe, but as the technology is progressing with other devices, they seem to be not capable of supplying the data transfer speed along with their partner end,i.e., USB Type-B. Thus, USB Type-C cables have been rising in the picture making other 2blurs now.

On the other hand, Thunderbolt hubs, which have had Thunderbolt 1 and 2 versions in the past, have come up with Thunderbolt 3, which provide data transfer speed of 40 Gbps, almost twice the speed of its older versions. It won’t be incorrect to tell that it is able to transfer 4 times faster data and two times of the bandwidth of video than its older models.

Features of Thunderbolt 3

Thunderbolt 3 cable resembles USB-C cable and can be usedat any place where USB-C has dominated. This single cable is capable of transferring 4K videos, which means more pixels, data transfer at 40 Gbps, which means more speed, up to 100W power transmission, which means more power and includes many ports, which means more protocols. Isn’t this all in one, say universal?

Thunderbolt device has daisy chaining which means connecting up to 6 devices at a time and still have the performance at all ports at the same level. In this hub, you can find USB 3.1 port, HDMI port,and Thunderbolt 2 port.

Moreover, the USB-C provides a reversible design which means all you have to do is to plug in the cable, that’s it. There is no need for you to worry about the orientation, no matter if you do it up or down, it will connect both ways. Another benefit of it is that its transmission is reversible. Unlike other devices or previous ports in which you were able to charge the only smartphone from your laptop, with this cable of USB C thunderbolt hub, you can do the reverse as well,i.e. charging your laptop with other peripheral devices.

Daisy chaining

One unique point of Thunderbolt 3 is its ability to daisy chain up to 6 devices. What is daisy chaining? It means that if you connect your laptop to your hard drive by USB-C and your hard drive to your 4K TV, it will work,i.e. it will still create the final output from your laptop to your TV. However, the more devices you have as the intermediate, the more it affects the performance. So, one must be careful in doing daisy chaining if not ready to compromise on performance.


However, the difference between USB 3.1 cable and Thunderbolt cable still is noticeable. While Thunderbolt is growing and gaining much popularity, USB is yet to hit the market with such similar awaiting outputs.


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