“MailsDaddy PST Split Tool is the best software to break or divide large PST file into multiple small PSTs. It cut the big or merged PST file into the smaller PSTs easily.”

MailsDaddy PST Split Tool helps to divide big PST file into the small PSTs easily and it provide the best feature of breaking Marge PST file into multiple PSTs. This is the GUI based application and it’s very easy to use for every person. The installation and un-installation is very simple of this software.

Here I am going to discuses my experience with this PST Splitter so just follow the steps to cut the large PST into smaller PSTs.

It is available at very affordable price and it divided into three categories like Personal, Business, and Enterprise License.

To know more about the tool by visiting: https://www.mailsdaddy.com/pst-split-tool/

How to install and use the PST Split Tool?

We can install the application by clicking next, next, next, and finish that’s it.

After that we can Search and Add the PST by clicking the Add & Search button. It provides some new option by which you can clear the whole list and delete the selected item only.

Now provide the location to save the multiple PST on the PC. Once it done then choose the option to perform the split PST process and hit the Next button. That’s it.

PST Split Tool


This Large PST to multiple PST segment Tool provide many advance option and features.

Split by Date option:

With this feature we break the required single or multiple big PSTs into small PSTs through the Date filter facility by selecting the required date range.

Segment by Email:

We can cut the specific email’s large PST into smaller PSTs by selecting or choosing the required Emails.

choosing the required Emails

Cut through the Size:

In this option we can select the PST which on we want to split then choose the size in MB or GB for dividing the large PST into Multiple PSTs.

Cut through the Size

Divide by Folder:

With this advance feature we can split the particular folders by selecting the required folder and also save it in a single or create a separate folder.

Divide by Folder

Maintain the folder structure:

After splitting the over-sized PST to small PSTs it maintained the structure of all the folders.

Support all the Windows OS and Outlook version:

This application is capable to support all latest or oldest version of Windows like window 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista etc. and familiar with all MS Outlooks like Outlook 2007, 10, 13, 16 etc.

Outlook installation:

With the MailsDaddy PST Split Tool Microsoft Outlook Installation is not mandatory for segmenting the merge PST file to Multiple PSTs.


In this post, I explain the experience this PST Split Tool. According to me this is the best application to segment the large single or multiple PSTs into Small PSTs. If you have any query regarding it just leave a message on the comment box.


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