Due to a change in technology, users requirements also change. Nowadays, people are using Office 365 as it provides various functionalities which enables the user to manage their data and communication process in an easy way. Lotus Notes users are frequently migrating to Office 365 as it is a more feature-rich and reliable platform. Now, the users can use Lotus Notes Migration Tool for Office 365 to move Lotus Domino data to O365 in a trouble-free manner. With this utility, the user can easily import multiple NSF files to Office 365. There are various advanced features integrated into the software to migrate Lotus Domino to Office 365. Some of them are listed in the section given below.

Salient Features of Lotus Notes Migration Tool for Office 365

  • Lotus Notes Mailbox Conversion

With this software, the users can easily convert multiple NSF files. The software uploads/copies all the items such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks. Etc. from IBM Domino to MS Office 365.

  • Move Selective Mailbox Items

The utility permits the user to transfer Lotus Notes emails, contacts, calendars etc. to O365. Moreover, the user can also export the selective data items by checking the desired items. This option allows the users to migrate only the required data.

  • Export Domino Server to Office 365

The software is capable of Office 365 migration from Lotus Notes without any data loss issue. Additionally, the user can also perform the direct conversion. The user has to follow some set of requirements for the direct migration such as:

– The live Server environment is required for the migration process
– One should have to the Domino Server credentials
– Microsoft Office 365 credentials are also required
– The tool also permits mailbox mapping to transfer/copy the mailbox data

  • Switching Different Lotus Notes Accounts

The user can perform the transition from NSF to Office 365 even if the user is having multiple Office 365 user accounts under a single domain. It implies that the user can select any mailbox from a single NSF file and then convert it into any Office 365 account mailbox which is created under a common domain.

  • Convert from Lotus Notes to Office 365

The users can import or upload multiple NSF files at once. The user-friendly interface of Lotus Notes Migration Tool for Office 365 makes it easy for the users to work with it.

– Installation of Lotus Notes 9/8.5/8.0/7.0/6.5 is required
– One should have the credentials of MS Office 365 account
– The credential of Office 365 is required for each NSF file
– There is no requirement of Domino server to perform the transfer or upload process

  • Different Office 365 Domains

The user can easily upload the mailbox data into multiple MS Office 365 domains/tenants with the enterprise license version of the tool. It allows the user to switch multiple mailboxes of Lotus Notes into the different user mailboxes under various MS Office 365 domains in a seamless manner.

  • Email Filtering Option

Lotus Notes Migration Tool for Office 365 offers email filter option which is very helpful for the user. This option helps the user to export the selective emails according to the dates. The user just has to add email received date range with ‘To’ & ‘From’ dates to move emails of a particular date range.

  • Permits Doc Links & HTML Formatting

The users can check/uncheck the option to enable or disable HTML formatting and Doc links while performing Office 365 migration from Lotus Notes. This option permits the user to keep the HTML formatting and links of any attached documents intact.

  • Include Folder and Exclude Duplicate Contacts

The user can also transfer the desired folders using include folder option. The user just has to insert the original name of the folder and the software will migrate the selected folder only. The software also allows the user to exclude the duplicate contacts while the Domino to O365 migration process.

  • Filter Calendars & Calendar Recurrence Option

With Lotus Notes Migration Tool for Office 365, the user can also exclude the calendars that fall under a particular date range. Moreover, the software also supports calendar recurrences while exporting Lotus Notes data to Office 365. The tool provides various types of calendar recurrences such as Yearly, Monthly by Day, Daily etc.

  • Maintain File Internet Header

The utility maintains the Internet headers while the migration process. An Internet header is associated with every file and it is present in it. Basically, it contains some information about the message sender, the application used to compose it, IP address involved etc.

  • Migration Report Progress

The user will be able to see the migration progress report after starting Domino to Office 365 migration. The software is capable to show the complete progress report including the number of emails, mailbox name, authentication status, calendars etc.

Overall Verdict

Lotus Notes Migration Tool for Office 365 is a reliable and easy to use the product. One can easily transfer Lotus Notes data including emails, contacts, tasks etc. to Office 365. The users from technical and non-technical backgrounds, both can operate and work with the tool in a trouble-free way. After knowing all the benefits and advantages associated with the tool, it can be rated as 9.8 out of 10. The software is a trustworthy and smart choice for Office 365 migration from Lotus Notes.


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