Different type of email clients store messages in MBOX format, which retains the data in plain text format. When the client needs to transfer MBOX data in Outlook PST format then user tries many manual or direct methods to import MBOX to PST format. So which method is better for converting MBOX to PST format and why user needs to move messages in Outlook?

Why Move Messages in MS Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is the combination of several unique features that are not easily found in other email clients. And the best part is that it provides a connection with Exchange server that keeps safe the confidential information.

Comparison with some popular email clients

 Microsoft OutlookApple MailMozilla Thunderbird
FounderMicrosoftMAC incMozilla
PlatformWindow, MACMACWindow & MAC
Maintenance/ExpenseAcceptableVery highFree
Mobile supportAndroid, WindowsiPhoneNo
Exchange server connectionYesYesNo
Email schedulingYesYesNo

You can see that MS Outlook is very cheap and effective compared to other email clients, as well as the Android and Windows phone servers make it even better. Now check out the manual process for importing data from MBOX to Outlook PST format.

Manual Process – Migrate MBOX to PST

Section 1: First, find the default location of the mail client’s mailbox. Below I have already provided the some popular mail clients default location.

 Apple Mail: home/library/mail/mailboxes

Thunderbird: C:\Users\[profile name]\AppData\Local\Thunderbird\Profiles\[name].default

Eudora: C:\Users\kc\AppData\Roaming\Qualcomm\Eudora

Section 2: Copy all MBOX messages and paste into the Eudora mailbox then change the format: MBOX = MBX. MBOX and MBX both are family format so it stores the same folder structure and Eudora also keeps the data in MBX format.

 Section 3: Follow the below steps and convert MBOX to PST format.

  • Open outlook and go to file tab > Choose “Import and Export tool” option.
  • Select “import internet mail and address” then press next button.
Import and Export Wizard
  • Choose Eudora and hit next button > Browse the Eudora default location and enable “Do not import duplicate item” then click on next button.
Outlook import tool
  • Save the location of Eudora mailbox and click on finish button.

Drawbacks in Manual Process

We have already told you through several mediums, why the manual process is not profitable. If you have not read them then here you will get full information.

Time taking procedure:

There is no doubt that it takes a lot of time to migrate MBOX to PST format, because it consist three to four long steps of conversion with additional email clients (Eudora, Thunderbird). I had already tried this method with 500 MB MBOX data and took at least 1 hour to transfer MBOX to PST format.

Damage Images/Diagrams:

You cannot get all images as it was in the MBOX format. Because the formation of MBOX is almost finished and Outlook formats is evolving day by day.

Loss attachments and Meta data:

Important messages carry the precious attachments that are effective on work, and if it is not then it is a trash for you. Manual process is not able to handle all data and attachment structurally. By which the data-structure is not formed with the flow of messages and the attachments are lost.

In short:

the manual process is not completely secure for the large size of the data, as it is susceptible to data loss such as attachments, pictures, Metadata etc.

Straightforward method – Convert MBOX to PST format

Adopt MailsDaddy MBOX to PST converter to open MBOX files & folders in Outlook interface and keeps your data safe in Exchange server. This is the most prominent method of converting MBOX data into PST format. And it does not have any kind of shortcomings like manual process, as well as maintaining the structure and flow of files after converting MBOX file to PST file format. With this utility, you don’t need any other application or MS Outlook installation. It comes with number of advanced features that easily provide the output by any technical or non-technical user.

You can also try the demo version of MBOX to PST converter.

Final verdict:

I have shown you the best way that is completely secure and reliable. In other words, Manual and Direct both process are front of you, so pick one of them that suits you better and convert MBOX to PST format. I will be glad to help you.


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