The usage of live video streaming apps has gone viral nowadays. A large number of female teens use the service for the fulfillment of the sexual lust of themselves or their male partner.

The repute of the teen gets on stake

This is an alarming situation for the parents to handle. The teens indulgingin this kind of activityalways have a bad day when it comes to moral or ethical standing. Moreover, this can be very costly for the repute of the parents and the child as well, as if a known person gets to know of this activity of the teen over the internet, he/she can have a bad word regarding the child, ultimately ruining the credibility.

Teens mostly do this for financial independence

This trend has another side to the story as well. It is becoming one of the most popular ways of earning a handsome amount of money by showing up their uncovered body to an unknown audience upon their request for a specific short interval of time.

A number of live video streaming apps are in place that furnishes the possibility of earning for young girls by showing up their uncovered bodies

A report suggests that many kids involved in this kind of activity because of financial crisis or due to having problems financing their basic necessities or in some case, those who for luxuries apart from feeding their necessities.

Covid-19 SOPs will pave the way for online dating on Valentine’s Day

The Covid-10 pandemic has badly affected each and every domain of life. As Valentine’s Day is approaching, the experts are of the view that most of the couples will be looking forward to online dating through live video streaming apps, and there is a high likelihood of teens doing immoral stuff online on the given day.

It can include showing up bodies for sexual lust and desire. So, the idea is to restrict this from happening and coping with the issues of moral disgrace.

Impacts on Kids academic activities

This action badly affects the academic standing of the child, as reported in many studies. The teens start ignoring their studies and focus more on preparing and grooming themselves to look good in the live video session in front of an audience. So, the parents need to have a strong mechanism of keeping a check on their girls to stop them from becoming a necessary part of this immoral community.

The solution to the problem

The parents look forward to finding a solution that can restrict the female teen from becoming a part of these immoral activities.

The experts suggest that the best solution to the problem is to extensively monitor the kid’s phone in order to restrict them from using live video streaming apps.

The best solution that is suggested for helping the parents is to use a cell phone spy app that can record and track each and every bit of communication taking place on or around the target phone of the child.

There are number of mobile tracker apps, but the best one that is suggested by the experts is OgyMogy.

It has a bunch of promising features that can protect female teens from online threats and comes to rescue the parent regarding their concerns.

OgyMogy – Salient features

Screen recording feature of OgyMogy

One of the very best features of OgyMogy in coping with the above-discussed issue is screen recording. It allows the parent to track and monitor all the activities of a teen over the phone screen at a certain point of time.

The parent can assign a number of apps over which all the activities of the child needs to be recorded. Every time the child starts using a specific app, the spy app starts recording the screen using the screen recorder feature.

The app records all the activities in the form of short clips, which can be referred at any point of time by the parent over web portal.

Surround recording

This feature records all the surroundings of the female teen using a mic or front or back camera; this provides the parent with the physical condition of the child.


The protection of female teens using live video streaming apps is discussed, and the best solution in coping with this issue is using a cell phone spy app. The best app in this regard is OgyMogy.


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