5 Ways to Reduce Noise Levels in a Construction Site

vibration monitoring
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When working in a construction site, you’re exposed to dangerous levels of sound. The below points would help you manage how loud things might be.


The equipment you’re using may require a lot of oil. Without the proper amount, the machinery would not only lag, but you would hear their insides struggling to work. They’d be louder than normal.

Ensure that you use the right oil too. Some may not be thick enough to work the gears in question.


In line with the above point, your equipment also needs to regularly be checked upon. Some of them may be broken, which is why they’re making such a ruckus.


Your workers need proper protective gear. If you don’t invest in the tools, the sounds from the site would be too much to bear. Employees could lose their concentration and coordination skills – their eardrums would get damaged as well.

You might be tempted to buy PPE second-hand. Although it would save cash, this is a bad choice, as they might not work as well they need to. And ensure that the gear is not cheap. Their sound-canceling abilities might not be that good otherwise.

Sound Levels

Specific equipment to detect how much sound is being emitted from an area exists. A vibration monitoring tool would tell you if the decibels produced go against the recommended amount by safety authorities. The sensors are portable and can easily be bought. To get the best readings, buy super sensitive options.

vibration monitoring
Image Source: Unsplash


If a machine is relatively noisy, you’re required to place signs so that workers would know what they’d be dealing with. You need to place hazard signs if its noise levels are especially deafening.

Some signs are automated. They take into account the above point and use sensors. Whenever a given space has reached the recommended sound limit, a warning would go off. As you can imagine, these signs are relatively pricey. However, they would keep your workers the safest.

Arms Distance

Let’s say the site is relatively loud. Unfortunately, something might have happened to a worker when dealing with the equipment, which is why he’s injured. Due to the immense sound, his peers might not be able to hear him crying out for help. Everyone is recommended to stay at a distance that would let others hear them. Most of the time, this would be an arm’s distance.


Depending on the machinery used, you might be able to place mufflers on them. The sound they’d produce would be cut in half.

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap all the points discussed. When working on a construction site, sound levels are a huge concern. They can be too loud, affecting employees’ concentration, coordination skills, and overall health. With a detector, you would be able to tell the decibel rating coming from the space.

The easiest way to prevent from the space getting deafening would be to keep your machinery maintained well.

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