There’s so much you can do with your iPhone. And just add a few more accessories well then you can amplify the functions of your iPhone even more. The market for iPhone accessories have boomed over the years as more and more variety have emerged.

Aside from selling wholesale Apple parts, the authentic distributors are also selling iPhone accessories. And all because of the growing demands from the users. If you are a new iPhone user and wish to do more with your iPhone then try out these extremely popular accessories.

Continue to read till the end to learn all about it.

1.    Long iPhone Cable

One thing you gotta admit that Apple got it all wrong is that the lightning cable for the iPhone is too short. Whether you want to connect the smartphone to your laptop or just want to put it on charge while using, the short cable creates a lot of hassle.

But fret not! There’s an accessory available in the market to solve this issue. You can get durable and long cables for your iPhone. Look for the ones that have a knotted weight system fixed on the cable which you can adjust to ensure your iPhone stays in place where you kept it in the first place.

2.   Pop Socket Grip

The newer versions of the iPhone only get bigger in size and better in performance. While the latter is good news for the users, the big size of the iPhone puts a lot of strain on your hands. With all that selfie clicking, getting a hold of your iPhone becomes difficult.

So, why not buy a stylish and easy-to-use Pop Socket Grip for your iPhone. Give your hands some rest and use pop socket grip instead. They easily stick on the back of the iPhone and can be popped out twice for easy grip.

You can get all sorts of color, pattern design and style for Pop Socket Grip. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a cool pop socket grip now.

3.   Elegant Leather Case

You never do wrong with a leather case. Plus, accessorising your iPhone with a protective case is a precautionary step that you must take. It will give your iPhone a certain level of protectiveness against fall or scratch.

Choose a leather case as it looks extremely elegant and go with whatever style you exude. Also, leather cases are very much durable and will last you for a long time. It’s totally worth every penny of yours.

4.   Wireless Charging Stand

If you are an iPhone 8 user or models post-iPhone 8 user then you have great advantage. Charging your iPhone becomes easier as now you don’t have to deal with any wires. And also, you can choose to buy a great wireless charging stand from the iPhone accessories store.

Not only can you charge your iPhone without the hassle of wires but almost every wireless charger stand also offers a fast charging feature. Within a matter of a few minutes, your iPhone will have enough battery for an entire day or more.

Conclusion So, what are you waiting for? Get these extremely popular iPhone accessories the next time you visit any wholesale Apple parts distributor. You can also find these accessories easily from online stores.


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