You are probably wondering about the clothing that cricketers wear. If you have watched American football, the first thing that you will notice is the uniform that they are wearing which is shorts and long socks. But why do cricketers wear full-length pants?

The reason why cricketers have to wear full-length pants is that aside from these clothing, they also have to wear a pair of pads. On top of those gears are two thigh guards while abdomen guard is also worn underneath the uniform on their lower part of the body. And this is why short is not a good option for cricketers. Aside from this clothing, there are other clothing pieces and protective gear worn by cricketers. These are:

Collared Shirt

 Depending on the weather, players of cricket can wear a short sleeved and long sleeved collared shirt. Usually, these are made of 100% organic cotton which is useful in absorbing sweat while keeping you comfortable. Some variants are made with the combination of cotton and polyester.

Long Trousers

Usually, Cricket pants are often white, but some variants have stained red where the ball is usually polished. It usually has an elastic waistband with drawcords with side welt pockets. Pants are highly recommended to wear in cricket games because the player has to wear heavy paddings. Moreover, they also have pads with Velcro strappings in the pads worn. If the players were wearing shorts, it would cause bruises to the players.

Leg Pads

The leg pads are worn by the batsmen and the wicket-keeper. It is worn to protect the shin bone against the ball coming. However, the leg pads of the wicketkeeper are different from the batsmen.


The players of cricket who wears gloves are the batsmen only. The gloves are thick-padded on the thumb of the hand and above the fingers. It is designed specifically for the batsmen to prevent getting an injury from the ball. However, the gloves used by batsmen is different from wicket-keeper. That’s because the gloves of the wicket-keeper have webbing in between the thumb and the index fingers.

Helmets With Visors

Compared to other sports that require the use of helmet, crickets protective gear for the head comes with a visor. The batsmen and the fielders wear the helmet to protect their heads from the ball that may hit them.


The type of shoes that cricketers wear is either shoes with rubber sole or spiked shoes. Depending on the weather, the spiked shoes were used even more because it increases traction. It makes running easier. However, the spike shoes could be full or half. These are some of the clothing and protective gear that cricketers wear during the game. It is essential to have this worn because it will protect the players and prevent getting injured. This game is a fast-paced, action-packed which could leave you at the edge of your seats. And to maintain the safety of the players, wearing the complete uniform is highly recommended


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