Influencer marketing, which is currently popular in our region, also has its pitfalls! We are now going to talk not only about the price for product placement from instagramer. How to choose a suitable influencer? How do you verify that his or her requested fee is acceptable? How do I know if he is asking for too high a fee for cooperation?

How much a blogger or influencer charges for a sponsored post often depends on how many likes and followers he has on his Instagram. This is the reason and often the motivation why some “enterprising” Instagrammers started buying Instagram Likes, comments, and followers! If we have a suspicion, we can not only expose them but also convict them thanks to the Hypeauditor tool.

What does Hypeauditor offer?

HypeAuditor is a tool that tells you more about the accounts on Instagram (but they must have more than 1000 followers) than just the number of followers. What to expect from Hypeauditor?

  • Possibilities to build marketing strategies based on substantiated data from the hypeauditor.
  • It provides a list of the best influencers on Instagram, which we can filter by country.
  • It reveals “fraudsters” who buy followers or hearts on Instagram.

As the growth of the market is directly linked to the price per post on Instagram, inventive Instagrammers recruit followers not only organically. The hypeauditor refers to these purchased accounts as Mass followers and Suspicious accounts.

“Sometimes when analyzing an account through a hypeauditor, the profile may have a certain percentage of Mass followers and Suspicious accounts, even though they have resisted bidding to increase their audience. That’s all right. However, if the percentage is more than 20%, be more vigilant. Check it out, ”said Jana Malaga, Content marketing specialist.

Analysis in seconds!

It is possible to get data from the hypeauditor really easily and quickly, but not for free. Within influencer marketing, cooperation with an influencer is better based on data that will certainly be appreciated by the client as well. If the hypeauditor cannot provide you with the relevant data, he will not withdraw your credit!

You can get data from the hypeauditor as

  • Audience demographics (age, country, city)
  • audience interests
  • compares similar accounts either in the category or in the number of followers,
  • analyzes the level of engagement, the so-called engagement rate (like comments),
  • monitors the level of audience representation (influencers, real followers, dead accounts)

“This tool is useful. I use it very often. However, based on personal experience in checking and verifying data and consulting with influencers, we have found that this tool has its shortcomings. Especially with information about the language and sometimes the age of the audience. Nevertheless, he evaluates him very positively, ”added Jana Malaga.

A source of inspiration for campaigns

It offers a database of influencers when creating campaigns, which it ranks according to the quality of the audience.

finally a link for Instagrammers…

There is no immediate way to become a successful influencer on Instagram. New algorithms reveal “fake” bills and hearts! The truth is that the basis is quality content that will bring not only followers but also paid collaborations over time!


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