Promoting yourself on the Social Network is always time taking as well as tricky. So we always have to keep eye on social networks that what is going on. Trending topics are always helpful to grow your fan and following. If you post on right time, you will have higher chances to get viral. So here are some few points about growing your Instagram account.

1. First, choose a theme for your profile

The themes achieve very important points: they focus and organize the content, and they guarantee that the visitors always know the general theme of the content they will see in your profile.

The topics also serve to make the content creation process more efficient, since having certain parameters is better than having none at all.

2. Put an informative and pertinent biography

Your bio should include your subject, your web page (if you have one) and something interesting about you or your process.

There is always something that makes interesting how or why someone does what they do. Look for yours and mention it in this section.

You can also add tags to your biography if there is a specific one associated with your content.

3. Use a lovely profile picture

If you have material that captures the essence of your topic, your content and personality, use it. Otherwise, look for something that comes close. The point is that whoever sees your profile picture and biography has an idea of what you will find.

4. Connect your Instagram with social networks

You can connect Instagram to Facebook , Twitter, Tumblr and more, with which you can publish your Instagram material on all the networks you use. So you can get more followers among those who already follow you on the other social networking platforms.

5. Never set up your Instagram posts in private

One disadvantage in trying to grow your Instagram account is that it cannot be protected from those you do not know, as doing so would alienate future followers. Keep your account public and easy to follow, and little by little a series of followers will arrive.

Interact with other users

1. Follow users with whom you have common interests.

While it is not wrong to follow the largest number of users to try to also follow you, try to follow accounts that publish material that inspires you (and vice versa). These users are more likely to follow you too, which will make your usage time more efficient than if you followed everyone.

2. “Like” the photos of others.

For every 100 “I like” you do, you will receive 8 followers, as long as you do it in common accounts and not celebrities.

While it is almost certain that you will not be able to reach 1000 followers using just this method, it’s a good start.

3. Leave meaningful comments in the photos.

It is proven that leaving comments on the photos of other Instagram users generates an increase in Instagram followers. Unfortunately, it also means that many leave comments of one or two words in the

hope of gaining followers. Therefore, leaving a well-crafted comment will increase your chances that the creator of that content will follow you.

4.Encourage others to follow you

For example, in a photo of the topic “how to make a home office yourself”.Send messages to users who have a low number of followers. Sometimes it is best to leave a message considered to someone whose content you enjoy. Not only will you probably gladden the day, but you will also encourage him to follow you, especially if you already follow him.

5.Be Polite and respectful

Remember that sending messages can be taken as an invasion of privacy. Be polite and respectful when you do it.

Note: In your messages never ask someone to follow you.

Make constant publications. As your followers will surely discover, maybe you only make one post per week, which is great! But, if they know you by publishing once a week, you comply with that regime (or even publish more often from time to time). If you do not comply with your publication regime, you will lose followers.

This is more a method to keep the followers that you already have to get new ones.
Try not to publish more than twice a day.

6. Post at the correct time of day.

The mornings (from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.), the midday (from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and the mid-afternoon (from 5 to 7 p.m.) are the maximum activity schedules to buy Instagram followers, so try to make your publications in those ranges.

These times are based on Eastern Time (ET), so you have to do the conversion according to your area.

If you can not publish at this time, do not worry, because there are several studies that show that while it is useful to publish in those time ranges, it is not a decisive factor.


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