Having a solid marketing strategy in place is a lot easier nowadays, as compared to the road map to implement that strategy, surpassing the fierce competition. Being a marketer, you are likely to take advantage of social media platforms to win more conversions, automate communication, and faster delivery.

Staying out of the box has become important to make minds of prospects tick. Nowadays, marketers have tons of ways in their satchel to kickstart marketing. One of the most sought ways is social media marketing.

Many social media platforms offer an array of benefits, out of which Facebook is worth paying attention.


Check out the below-mentioned statistics.

  • The platform has a whopping 2 Billion Daily Active Users
  • About 83% of women & 75% of men use Facebook
  • 82% of Facebook users have done a bachelor’s degree.
  • Facebook offers translations in more 70 languages.

Amazed and surprised? You ought to be.

Facebook is a one-stop solution for marketing of 30 million business pages. So how will your business get noticed?

I advise you to go for Social Media Training if you really want to get a handful of information regarding different social media platforms that can outgrow your business in a short time.

Acknowledging this concern, I have written this post that will introduce you to six surefire ways of using Facebook as a marketing platform.

1. Inflate the sphere of your Facebook group

A major constraint we all confront when starting a Facebook Group is, of course, the bitter truth that we begin with 0 members or your wallet is empty at the beginning. But once you roll up your sleeves, how do you ensure to keep the ball rolling? What is the right strategy to grow one’s membership and convert your group to an online hub?

Here are 6 brilliant ideas:

  • Add a link and ask people to become part of your Facebook Group via email.
  • Make sure your website has the Facebook attachment to link to your Facebook Group.
  • Embed your Facebook Page with a call to actions so that members can subscribe to your services.
  • Use a video cover to explain what your group will advocate.
  • Take advantage of other Facebook Groups to set pipelines within Facebook Groups!
  • If you can afford, go for the paid Facebook group by running an affiliate program.

What is the right criterion for engaging group members?

Growing your Facebook Group accounts for the growth of your business is not a new practice. It’s your Facebook group, and you are responsible for feeding the group members by providing them with the latest insights. Your posts will catch their attention, and this will act as a calling card for CTAs (call to actions).

Engage them by asking questions that they surely know answers to. Give away e-gift cards to winners. Giving away rewards is one of the best ways to ensure that your group members will remain stick to your group and even invite others to your group. This will spread the word, and you will be able to avail yourself more business.

2. Create a video and ask for subscriptions.

Do not forget to use Units in Social Learning groups to keep information alive. No matter what products and services you offer, videos can be a great medium to showcase them. Animated, 2D, 3D, whiteboard, etc., are some of the types of videos you can opt for, per your requirement, goal, and budget and kickstart your marketing.

Being active on Facebook means you are catching up the attention of your prospects by providing them with unique yet compelling posts. When you regularly post concerning your services, people are likely to comment. Though the number will be less low in the beginning, it will grow when you attract prospects by implementing new techniques.

Ensure your availability 24/7 and answers to your prospects’ queries.

Ask for their opinions and also give them an opportunity to share what they have.

3. Leverage your ads

Targeting your ads paves a way for prospects call to actions. As per the news, Facebook always tries to avail itself of as much data as possible on its users. This can be advantageous for you if rightly approached.

Designing your ads will set a stage for a lookalike audience. What I mean here is an audience that has characteristics of your potential audience. A lookalike audience is the one who has not found you yet, but your ads will you get hands on it.

Targeting is not only about providing your audience your product related insights; you also need to keep in touch with it by sharing what interests it. To put it simply, Facebook is one of the best platforms to spread your word, and you can easily target your audience on Facebook.

5. Facebook is for every type of business

A study reveals that Eighty percent of all Instagram users are located outside the United States, out of which 68 percent comprises female. The greater part of Instagram audience involves young people, with 32 percent of online adults using it on a daily basis. Having limited access to audience prevents you achieve your marketing goals.

In contrast to it, Facebook has a fair share of broader demographic with about 79 percent of American adults following Facebook religiously.

Don’t bother if your ideal audience is young children, 83 percent of adults have connections with teenage children on Facebook. The chances are high that your products and services will reach children when parents share or post something related to your business.

You need to know that Facebook is a platform that encompasses users of varying age groups from different demographics where it is a very good chance for you to leverage this to outreach your brand worldwide.

6. Chatbots

As the 10-year roadmap of Facebook has come in view, businesses have started leveraging Facebook Messenger to solidify their communication with their customers. Needless to explain why Facebook has a billion monthly active users.

A short time ago, Shopify amazed everyone by an announcement that they will soon use Facebook messenger to sell their store directly on it.

It has truly given us a picture of e-commerce Facebook. What you need to mark down here is that the e-commerce industry will soon shift to Facebook, which will result in increased user engagement and hours spent on the platform.

As more and more consumers will interact on Facebook, the use of chatbots will be more. Chatbots enabled conversations allow you to create structured messages that consist of images, links, and call to action buttons.

Moreover, brands can even design customized chatbots according to their business requirements, goals, etc.

Over to You

I hope the post has clarified how you can use Facebook to speed up your marketing at 3x speed. Though platforms are many, I have tried to put Facebook across you so that you can understand its potential to win more conversions and ultimately improve your return on investment.

When it comes to inbound marketing, social media plays a major role. Facebook is one such platform has remained an important part of many success stories. Make sure you plan out on everything prior to beginning with Facebook.


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