It is a fact that visual contents are capable of attracting more attention in comparison to the written content. This is something that Instagram is providing to both the individuals as well as the entrepreneurs all over the world. Instagram is currently one of the most renowned social media platforms that are being used by one and all businesses. The number of active users on this platform is growing constantly and there will be no hindrance in this growth in the coming years. Instagram has been attracting users with the possibility of instantly sharing the brightest moments with the followers. A number of site owners of the WordPress platform have appreciated the benefits of combining the Instagram feed with the WordPress site. This has allowed a number of businesses to actively and effectively communicate with the customers on a regular basis.

Embedding the posts manually

If you want you can embed your Instagram posts without making use of any plugins or widgets. This can be done in a simple manner by copying the URL of your selected image. It is suggested that you set the width of your image according to your own preference and also remove the caption. However, most people prefer making it even simpler by making use of the Instagram WordPress themes or the Instagram WordPress plugins. You can do whatever suits you the best. To get more likes on the Instagram posts, you can visit

WordPress themes that have built-in Instagram widgets

A number of premium themes for WordPress include special widgets, particularly for the Instagram posts. These widgets play an important role in optimizing all the images directly from the Instagram account, thereby allowing you to establish a beautiful gallery of the photos. Given below is a list of the important WordPress themes that you can consider.


Redwood is considered to be one of the most interesting and ideal WordPress themes for those modern bloggers and entrepreneurs who are interested in social networking. It comes with an extremely responsive design that can be easily accessed on mobile phones as well. The theme is known to provide the users with the simple ability to create a beautiful gallery of enticing and breathtaking images directly from their Instagram accounts. You have to enter your username and all the other things will be automatically done with the help of the built-in functions that the theme has. You definitely have the option of changing the entire design in accordance to your preference by making use of a special editor. This editable theme permits you to change the style as well as other elements without having any CSS knowledge.


Status is perfect for the online news or magazine agencies that have the online version of the print editions. It is believed that a journalist’s work is to post high-quality images that are associated with a particular story that is going to be posted. This is why it is extremely important to have an Instagram gallery that is optimized. This is something that every journalist can get with the help of the premium version of this amazing WordPress theme.


This theme has a minimalist and an extremely simple design, which plays an important role in attracting the attention of the modern audience. It is extremely bright and it is also overloaded with a number of design elements. The modern readers are always looking for a clear and simple view of a particular subject and they want to navigate easily through a website. An attractive Instagram gallery compliments this beautiful theme in the best possible manner.

WordPress plugins for the integration of Instagram

There are a number of premium as well as free WordPress plugins that are known to offer a lot of space for the fantasy of all the business owners. The list that has been mentioned below features some of the best plugins that have advanced features and are capable of fine-tuning the display of the Instagram posts on the website. It is up to you if you want to choose the free version or the premium version of a plug-in.

WP Instagram Widget

This widget is one of the easiest and free tools that you can use for creating an appealing Instagram gallery on the WordPress site that you have. The primary advantage that this plug-in has is that it can be set up in an easy manner and the process is hassle free. After you have installed and activated this plug-in, the only thing that you have to do is add the link of the Instagram account for forming a feed with the photos.

The disadvantage that this plug-in has is that it is extremely simple as it does not have any additional options or settings. You have the option of changing the page of your Instagram gallery by editing the CSS stylesheet of the WordPress theme. However, this task is going to require a proper knowledge about CSS.

Instagram Slider Widget

As the title of the plug-in suggests, this is a unique plug-in, which permits to create the sliders, which make your Instagram photos look even more beautiful and unique. The plug-in further provides the ability to create thumbnails of recent and popular photos for the website or blog on WordPress. For creating thumbnails or sliders, you can use both your photos as well as other images by providing hashtags. It is true that this plug-in does not have flexible settings, but you can be assured that the functionality is perfect for all the novice administrators of the WordPress sites.

Enjoy Instagram

This is a versatile tool, which allows you to build a beautiful Instagram gallery by giving a unique and creative design. It permits creating grids as well as a carousel gallery. The plug-in is extremely mobile responsive, an added advantage that most people look for.


Combining your Instagram account with your WordPress site is undoubtedly extremely powerful for attracting the audience and connecting with them. The number of unique plugins and themes that WordPress has will help in achieving the optimum results that you are looking forward to achieving.


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