Instagram started as one of the regular social media sites, but soon it became insanely popular. At first it was all fun and games, posting your pictures and getting likes, but later on, it became one of the most popular business platforms. People are making thousands of dollars every day, by just posting on this site. Surprised? Yes, there are people out there are being paid for every post they make, while you are wasting your time by scrolling the screen for hours. Now, the question is how to reach that level? The answer is, by getting a lot of followers. The more followers you have, the better it is.

Getting followers is not an easy task, but it is not something that you can never achieve.

Here are some easy ways to gain real Instagram followers.

1.Use of hashtags

This is one of the most helping features provided by Instagram. It helps in categorizing your content. It is both helpful for you and your followers or searching up anything. At first, when you are beginning to post things, it is easy to search for any old post, but when you start posting on daily basis, things can get messed up. Another important thing that can help you in making your post more noticeable. It means that when someone is making a general search, let’s say about “scenic beauty” and you have used this tag under your photo, it is going to appear in their search. If they like the content enough, they might go to your account and give it a follow.

2.Follow other people as well

As an Instagram user myself, this is one thing that I have noticed that helps in gaining followers. If you are starting from scratch, you need to get yourself noticed first and then slowing people will start giving you attention. For this purpose, you need to send people to follow request yourself. Daily send requests to as many people as you can. If half of the people accept it, you are doing just fine. Just make sure that people who accept your follow requests are following you back. Also, you can ask your fellow friends to help you out with it, they can follow you as well as they can ask other people to follow you.

3.Be creative

Believe me, no one likes to see the stuff they have already seen. There is nothing more irritating than people riposting stuff that you have already seen a thousand times. Be creative, show people things from your own point of view. Your followers should see the world from your eyes. Sometimes, you are conveying the same message, but the way you are saying it does make a lot of difference. See it like this, there are thousands of clothing brands, but every brand gets itself noticed by its branding campaign.

4.Be active

They say people have very short-term memory these days. You might be a hit for today, but if later that day, if they find something better, they are going to forget about you the next minute. Try to be as active as you can. But that does not mean that you should start posting absolute rubbish stuff. Maintain your standard, but do it rapidly. Do not take months to make new posts. Also, be unique with the captions as well. Do not try to copy quotes from Google and paste it in the captions, that is the biggest turn-off. Try to add a little humor, to it. convey your point in just one line, no one has the time to read long captions.


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