When we talk about SEO the quality of the content comes first, after that we look forward to link building. Link building is one of the most important parts of SEO to build links we need to find related Site Efficiently.

Link building won’t help if the structure of the website is not proper Such as Alt text on images, Heading, or if loading speed of the website is long etc.We need to continuously Audit and analysis the website to make sure that there is no structural and markup mistake on the website. There are many free SEO tools to audit and analyse website on the internet.

Google search has many Shortcut which helps you search efficiently, Once you have got such site we need to analyse those site on perimeters like page rank, Moz Domain authority, Backlinks, etc this is where this Extension comes into play.

We know that google chrome is one of the best browsers and most of the people use chrome, what makes this browser more beautiful is those Extensions. There are millions of extension for the browser. Here, the list of extensions useful for the SEO.

List of google chrome extension for SEO.




Open SEO state has lots of features packed in it.This extension shows you all the statistic of your website. Just in one click, this googles chrome extension for SEO will show yours SSO statistic like page indexed, page rank, backlinks of your website.

This google chrome extension for SEO has five different tabs which will shows in-depth result of website. It also shows you traffic stats from Alexa.

page info section of this extension deals with SEO parameters like meta descriptions, meta keywords, internal links etc.



As we know that the links building one of the important factors of SEO. Broken link method is one of the popular ways of building backlinks. Check my link is absolutely made for this purpose. As you click on the icon of this extension it will crawl through all the links on the website and will mark the active links in green and broken links in red. Once you found the broken links you can fix those links.




This is one of the tools which you don’t want to miss. This Extention generate every metadata parameter of the page which is currently on the active tab. This google chrome extension for SEO will generate detail report of all the headers, images and its alt attribute, Social engagement, all the internal and external links present on the current page.



looking for page speed test, Why to open any website of you have an extension to do the same job. Just open your website and click on the page speed test icon.



This google chrome extension for SEO is absolutely made for you if you feel lazy enough to open google analytics.This is an official google analytes extension by Google. This extension pulls the data from the google analytics and shows you on the top of your website.

This exertion also points the links and shows the percentage of click on that page.




Seo quake is one of the best software to monitor yours and competitors website. This extension has lots and lots of SEO parameter for which it shows results. This extension will show the instant ranks of yours as well yours competitors website, crawl rate, page indexed by google search results. This is one of the most useful SEO extension ever created for SEO.


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