Most business owners especially those who are not really savvy about digital marketing tend to think search engine optimization is merely a technique for obtaining superior search-ability and online visibility. However, it should be appreciated that there are many more benefits of SEO, which make it mandatory for every business, irrespective of size or industry to take them to the next level in the online environment.

Organic Search Is Usually the Most Important Website Traffic Generation Source

The performance of the website of any business depends to a large extent on the traffic generated by the organic search, which is also a critical aspect of the sales funnel that visitors have to travel through to achieve engagement followed by conversion. Even though Google today dominates the search engine industry, there are other search engines that need to be kept in mind too while engaging in SEO.

Good SEO Builds Credibility and Trust for the Brand

Achieving a good rank on Google search acts as a big boost for the brand image because users know and trust Google to deliver quality and relevant content. Google factors in multiple elements in the process of ranking web pages; these include the quality and number of backlinks from sites with authority, positive and consistent user behavior, optimized content and on-page elements, as well as signals, picked up by its machine learning capabilities. When you set out to build trust and credibility for the brand, you need to appreciate that it can take long and consistent efforts to fine-tune all these elements.

Good SEO Translates to Better UX

Even though every business owner wants maximum online visibility through better search engine rankings, not many realize that optimizing the user experience can also have the same result. According to, a leading SEO agency, this is primarily because Google is increasingly interpreting user experience by multiple parameters and rewards sites that users find more value in, typically in the form of better content, relevance to the query, as well as ease of information accessibility. If users spend more time on the site, find information in fewer clicks in an intuitive manner without trial and error, the site sends out positive SEO signals to Google, which then rewards it by giving it a ranking boost.

Good Local SEO Can Bump Up Conversions

Local SEO is undertaken with the specific task of making your business more visible when users are conducting searches in the vicinity of the business. With effectively implemented local SEO, people can discover your business very easily and quickly, and thus in a better position to visit your store physically and conclude a transaction over the counter. This works really well when requirements are not anticipated by the user or the user is more comfortable in a situation that enables him to physically evaluate an item before purchase.


While SEO is crucial for achieving better search engine page rankings, it is also beneficial for a number of other things like more organic traffic, enhanced trust and credibility, superior user experience, and increased local conversions.

Author Bio: Anthony Karen is a Social Media Expert. She loves to share her creative knowledge of social media with her clients & friends. She is passionate about trendy gadgets.


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