Having a website is no a great deal but the ranking is. To rank high the SEO of the website need to be strong there are many Factors which count for SEO. To rank high in google search we need Tools to Audit Website positive and negative point. We already have a post about Google Chrome Extensions which makes SEO easy. Here, let’s see Free Online SEO Tools For Website Analysis.

Page Speed Test

One of the factors which determine the page rank of Website is the loading speed of the website or page speed. If your page load speed is not enough you may not lose page rank.

There are may Parameter on which the speed of a website is determined like minified CSS, javascript and HTML. Page speed also depends on redirect, One of the common problems every website have is leverage browser catching which can which can be easily solved by specifying Expiry period for elements on Website.

Free SEO Tools To Analyse Page Speed of website.

1. GTmetrix.

The website GTmetrix allows users to check their Website load speed for free of cost. Gtmetrix Analyse the page speed of the website and list down all the problems which are preventing the website to load fast.

This tool also generates page speed result from YSlow which is yahoo’s tool which also determines page speed of a website.


Pingdom is another free SEO tools for website analysis which is use to check to check page speed of Website. Pingdom allows to Check Page speed from a different location around the world. Pingdom also has an additional tool which checks DNS Server health for the website domain name.

3.Google’s Page Speed Insights

The above tools are great to check page speed Of Website but they check page Speed in General. Google PageSpeed Insights Tool Check page Speed for Mobile View as well for Desktop Users. Google Pagespeed Insight will allocate you score out of 100 and list down the possible recommendation to improve page Speed of the Website.

Free SEO Tools For Website Analysis


Sinium.com Generate an SEO report card for the website. This report card measures 50+ SEO matrix than an In-depth SEO report card is presented. This Report card also includes analysis if Headings, Meta keyword, Meta Description, Keyword Consistency any many more.

Sinium.com SEO tool also displays missing ALT text on images, the Social presence of a website, Key Wordcloud, GZIP compression Test, backlinks, and Estimated Worth of the website.

This website has a mobile app which generates SEO report card on Android Phone.

5.SEO tool and optimization

Varvy.com Also analyse entire Website and list Down all the Positive and Negative points for your Website. One great thing about this website is that they have articles which cover almost every Errors which you will get after Testing website.

This Website even analyses Website for mobile Phone users and rate website for mobile friendly of 100 listing all the positive and negative point.


seositecheckup.com measures website on many parameters and generates a detail report about the website. This SEO checkup covers analyses of heading, Social media, keyword cloud, Sitemap test, Robot txt, page size, page catch and many more.

If the website doesn’t perform well on any of the matrices it will show you the link to fix it similarly like Varvy.


grader.com provide short and sweet detail of which include Performance, the website on the mobile device, SEO. performance section generates a report about Page size, Page speed, a Page request, Browser catch, Redirection, compression, etc. mobile Section of the pace consist if responsiveness and viewpoint.


Everything! yes, this Website will present you an SEO report covering head to toe 0f your website. This is the best tool to look a website in a single snapshot. They literally cover everything about the website and generate an insane level of website audit report.

This Free Online SEO Tools For Website check your every page on your website and list every keyword present on the website.

It gives generates graphical representation how the website is linked internally and externally.This single website more detail then all those websites mentions above on this page.

some more free Online SEO Tools For Website


This website allows the user to check their website is up around the world or not. Websites can check their loading speed from the different location around the globe. This also check DNS health and IP address of the domain



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