Signs that your SEO company has harmed your site

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If you have not contracted a professional SEO services chances are there that the company has harmed your site. A significant budget goes into SEO and you deserve to get the expected results through a sustainable increase in traffic to your site. If this does not happen and instead you find the following signs, it is time that you seriously change your SEO company for a better one that can give you measurable and visible results on the SEO mission they accomplish on your site. Now these are the signs that SEO has failed your site.

You get a manual penalty

A manual penalty for your site is the worst thing to come across. An email message or a GWT notification will tell you that you have got a manual penalty. If this happens after one or two months after contracting an SEO company, probably you must suspect them.

Drop in rankings

A number of reasons can cause drop in rankings.You must however, keep any eye on the rankings. Steadily declining rankings can indicate that faulty or wrong SEO actions are penalizing your site. if this happens and you suspect the SEO agency, it is good to make them stop laying their hands on your site and turn to a good and reliable SEO firm.

Traffic drops

A sudden drop in the traffic to your site can be a sign that your site has invited an algorithmic penalty. This can be a bad thing really. However, never jump into conclusions doubting your SEO partner. Instead, start asking a few questions to them. Find out from them if there had been any algorithmic changes that coincided with the drop in traffic to your site. Analyze what changes were made to your site during the days and weeks before the decline. Also, it is advisable to gain a clear picture of what offshore activities have been taken by the SEO company.

Your site ranks for the wrong keywords

It is expected that you will know what your target keywords are. Google Analytics would have also given you an idea about the long tail keywords that are driving traffic in the SERPs. You must beware of any sudden changes in your organic keywords. If you happen to gain traffic from wrong keywords, this could happen only due to a reason. Also, it is a sign of danger if your site stops getting ranked for the previously high-ranking keywords. If you work with the goal of gaining targeted traffic, you need to be cautious of this. A careless and indiscriminate approach by the SEO company could drive traffic for arbitrary or suspicious queries and this can do more harm to your site. Watch out for such bad practices on part of the SEO company you have hired and fire them right away to move to the one that can give you better results on your SEO mission.

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