How much plagiarism is harmful for SEO ?

What is plagiarism and who does it?

Discovering who did it is the basis to analyze the effect of plagiarism and to avoid plagiarism.

If you write technical articles, you will find similar publications in some forums. In other words, people who love to share would copy it. Almost everyone knows how to do this.

Many people will think that professional work as an SEO content writer has something to do with cheating. In this case, because the basic work is to write, many people will associate it with plagiarism. However, since there are many categories in plagiarism, it will be smarter to take a look at the essence of the content writing work. The basic requirement of content writing is generally to provide a fresh and unique writing. Although it may be a recycling of other content that has been posted on the network previously, it cannot be considered a mere plagiarism activity.

Of course, there are some SEO copywriting services that do not really care about the originality of web content. However, many pieces of evidence always show that a company like that cannot survive in tight competition.

Plagiarism can be disastrous for your website or blog. The keyword and SEO rankings of the website suffered a large decrease. In addition, your website may be penalized due to plagiarism. Penalizing a website means that it will not be shown in the search engine results, that is, it will exist, but it cannot be answered.

The following are the main reasons that may affect your website when you do plagiarism in SEO:

  1.  Plagiarism decreases the ranking of the page
  2. The content cannot be claimed
  3. Content can be removed by web service providers
  4. Monetization for overseas content
  5. Bad web structure
  6. Readers of distractions of copied material
  7. Plagiarism destroys a business reputation
  8.  Legal problems

Plagiarism can result in serious criminal penalties. The author has the right to issue a legal notice to the plagiarist. People who often write should avoid this error. Using another person’s work or idea is not ethical or illegal. The copyright laws offer the authorship of the writer of their work.

Another reason why your SEO content might be failing is not necessarily that you have committed the sin of plagiarism or that you are out of touch, but you may have chosen to look for an optimized copy for a product that has a saturated market. If many people write about the product, it means that you have not correctly defined your niche market in terms of how you will get benefits. Trying to make a profit in a saturated market is often useless and it is also a nightmare for SEO marketing since the keywords used to market saturated products are usually too general and too popular to offer the customers you need.


In this article we have discussed about the threats of  a plagiarized article. Hope after reading this article, you will not forgot to check your content before publishing.

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