Backlinks Are one of the most important factors which Determine the SEO ranking of the page OR website in google search result But, the value of every backlink is not same as well as quality.Some backlinks are very powerful whereas some are some of them are Bad links which can shrink ranking of your website. let’s discuss about the factors about quality backlinks.

There are many backlink quality which affects the SEO ranking of the page, Offcource there are many factors other than the backlinks but here we will discuss backlinks factor only here.

Note that if backlink does not meet the criteria given below, it Doesn’t mean that it is a bad link or low-quality link. If a backlink fits in one or two criteria given below the link is good enough to improve your website page rank.

10 Quality of good backlink which Help website to rank high.

1.Getting Backlink From the Website having Good DA and PA score.

Every Website on the Internet is Same Some are Very Good, Have Great Contents and Useful resources and information. The main job of search engines to provide accurate and quality information to the users.
Getting a backlink from a website having high DA and PA increases the chances of ranking and It also increases DA and PA of The Website.

Try to generate Backlink from websites which have high PA and DA. In other Words, 1 backlink from good Website is equal to 100 backlinks from a website having low DA and PA.

In short, when we talk about the quality of good backlink, DA and PA of the Website and page from which backlink is originating matters.

2.Anchor text of the Backlink URL.

Anchor text counts too If a page getting Backlink with the Exactly the text as its keywords it significantly increases the possibility of ranking in the search result for that keyword.

What increases the chances of ranking is getting backlinks from the website which are Relevant To Your Website. The search engine use anchor text to find relevancy and nature of which is it’s linked too.

Too many unnatural backlinks Containing same anchor text can lead Website Towards google penalty.

3.Backlink From a relevant source.

The main job of the Search engine is to provide most accurate and relevant information to its users. The chances of ranking a page increase when a link pointing from relevant Website. The websites which are similar or related to your are website are relevant websites for you.

Example: If a Website about Games getting Backlink from Computer Hardware blog, that a relevant link rather then the link from coffee brand Website.

The more you have backlinks from the relevant website the better website performs in the search result.

4.Getting backlink From a trusted source

It is obvious that Highly Trusted Sources are going to have high-Quality Content and Those Content Generate very high-Quality backlinks.

Getting backlinks from Trusted Website(BCC, wiki, CNN) is difficult But they are worth. Since Those websites have very high DA and PA (in 90) and have very high-quality content, these websites can drive more amount of traffic to your Website.

Additionally, the backlink from Trusted source increase Domain authority of your Website hance, Improve SEO Ranking.

5.Quality over Quantity.

As earlier mention on this blog 1 hard backlink is equal to 100 easy backlinks Since good backlink is hard to get. Doesn’t matter how many links you have if your competitor has few links Comming From Good Trusted Website the page which is going to rank is your competitor, not yours. So, rather than building too many backlinks try to make backlink from quality Website.

Remember everyone loves the quality, Search engine bots too.

6.The number of Linking Root Domain

The number of Linking Root domains are Number of unique Domain linking to the Website. The more backlink from Unique Domains the batter SEO Ranking Of Website.

But, Remember that the Google search engine bots are smart enough, If the website too many backlinks from the websites which are connected to same webmaster account or hosted on the same IP google may penalize you.

7. Hard to Get

The more easily you get the less value that Backlink has. Just imagine if you can get a backlink With few click so does everyone. Once a website starts linking too many un-relevant websites itself loses Trust flow. The Good once are hard to get.

8. Next to High Authority websites.

If a Websites page getting a backlink From A highly Trusted Website and, your Website Manage to get a link on that page google bot may put your Website in the same category as the Website from you getting link.

9. Trafic from those backlinks.

One of the quality of the good backlink is it send traffic to your site. If the backlink is not sending traffic that means it is not an active backlink. But, remember every backlink matters even if the backlink you getting “no follow” links, only avoid getting bad Backlinks.

10. Backlinks from social media.

Search engines treat these backlinks differently After you done publishing anything on website share those articles on social networking website, retweet, the more people engage with your article or page on social media website the more share you get on social media channel like facebook, twitter and Pinterest, search engine bots consider that page useful and can rank the page high in the search result.

In Conclusion

There are many factors which determine the rank of websites on the search result. The above 10 factor was for backlinks quality. A backlink satisfies one or two above parameter is considered to be the good backlink.


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