Are you wanting to adopt a small pet? The only thing is, you already have a cat.

Your cat is used to being the only animal running the house. But you’re ready to expand your fur family by at least one more pet.

Cats and small pets like rats are often depicted as mortal enemies in goofy cartoons. However, they can live in harmony if you know how to handle the situation.

Your cat might show signs of aggression but this can be remedied. Keep reading to understand how you can introduce your cat to every kind of small furry friend!


Thinking of getting a hamster? These small rodents may seem like prey to your feline but they can both live together no problem.

First, allow your hamster to become used to its new surroundings. Let it become used to the new smells, sounds, and sights.

Make sure the cage you get is secure enough so your cat can’t break into it. From there, observe your cat’s interactions with the hamster.

If it’s constantly staring and following its every move, don’t allow the two to be alone for some time. Make an effort to hold the hamster in sight of the cat to make it realize it’s a friend, not a meal.


Don’t let the cartoon series Tom and Jerry fool you. Cats and rats can live peacefully together.

When you bring your new rat home, keep them and the cat in separate rooms. Your kitty may have a difficult time being separated but it’s in the rat’s best interest so it can get accumulated to its new surroundings.

After the rat’s become comfortable, you can allow the two to be introduced. You can place both of them on the couch or on top of a bed—any place that’s confined and you can keep a good eye on the two.

Allow your cat to smell its new roommate, just be sure it doesn’t try to harm it. As long as you keep the rat’s cage out of reach and never allow them to be completely alone together, they’ll be fine.

Guinea Pig

When first introducing your guinea pig to your cat, it’s best to take the same approach as the rat method. Separate them so the new furry friend can get used to its surroundings.

With your cat, allow it to get used to the smells of a guinea pig. Since cats are normally territorial, it’s good for them to smell something of the guinea pig’s like guinea pig hay or a cloth you used to clean the new pet.

From there, you can allow your cat and guinea pig to be in the same room without being caged. Just be close by to observe their actions.

Who Says Cats and Small Pets Can’t Live in Harmony?

When introducing small pets to cats, it’s always a good idea to be close by and be aware of the situation. Even if your cat doesn’t seem too interested in the new pet, you can never be too sure.

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