When purchasing items for our dogs, we put just as much time and consideration into the decision as we would when buying for our children. This is true no matter what the item is. It could be food, a bed, and even a dog crate! 

Finding the best dog crates might take a bit of time and research. Keep in mind that your dog is going to spend a good amount of time inside his or her crate. To keep your pup happy and comfortable, it’s essential that you find a crate that’s best suited for him or her. 

With so many different options available for you both online and in stores, this could become a daunting task. To learn which types of dog crates are best for your pup, continue reading below. Here’s a list of the top kinds of dog crates and how to know if one is the right choice for your dog. 

1. Plastic Dog Crates

Plastic dog crates are ideal for pups who like a more secluded and private place to sleep or relax. These crates are the perfect choice for dogs who might be more skittish than others. If your pup doesn’t do well around guests, then this type of crate will give them the seclusion they need to stay comfortable. 

A downfall to these crates is that they’re not as ventilated as other crates. They’re also a bit harder to get inside and clean properly. If you have an escape artist of a pup, then this might be a better option for you as it’s harder to get out of than others. 

When searching for a good plastic crate, try the Petmate Two-Door. 

2. Wire Dog Crates 

For pups who don’t tend to escape too often, wire dog crates are a good choice. They also provide optimal ventilation and views. These crates will grow with your pup as they come with removable panels. 

There are a few downfalls to using this type of crate, but nothing major. For example, wire crates are a bit noisier than other kinds. They’re also heavier, making them harder to move around. 

They are much easier to clean than the plastic ones, however, so you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons. For a great wire crate, try Colossal Dog Crates

3. Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

For your bigger and more destructive dogs, a heavy-duty crate is a must-have. These crates are more expensive than others, but worth it in the end if you have a strong and destructive dog. And if you plan on traveling via airplane, this type of crate has a lot of brands that are airline approved. 

The ProSelect Empire Cage comes with wheels, which makes moving it around a breeze. The latches and bars on the crate are strong and durable as well. This could also be a great choice for more aggressive dogs. 

4. Soft-Sided Dog Crates

Soft-sided dog crates are easy to store and travel with. They’re also a more lightweight option. They’re comfy and cozy for your pup, but only really work well with smaller dogs. 

There are a few downfalls with this type of crate. Because this crate is made of soft material, it’s more difficult to clean. Pups can also find ways to escape from these crates easier than in the wire or plastic crates. 

The soft material makes chewing through the crate easy for destructive dogs or puppies. This is an ideal option for those looking for something that’s portable for a small pup. A great soft-sided crate option is the Petnation Port-A-Crate. 

5. Fashionable Dog Crates

Fashionable dog crates are normally made from wood material. They function as both a dog crate and as other furniture pieces such as a side table or end table. The tops are a flat wood surface with wooden bars.

If you’re looking for a crate that’ll fit into your home’s decor, then this is the best option for you. In most cases, you won’t even be able to tell that there’s even a crate in your home, which is perfect when having guests over. One downfall is that they are made from wood, meaning it’s easily chewable. 

Because of this, you might want to stray away from using this type of crate with an untrained puppy. Any accidents in the crate could lead to damaged wood as well. For the best fashionable dog crate, consider the Crown Pet Crate Table. 

This crate provides a good amount of ventilation and comes with a waterproof floor, making spills and accidents easy to clean up!

6. Foldable Pet Playpen 

Another option that you have is the foldable pet playpen. This playpen is portable as it folds easily, meaning you can take it with you on trips, to the park, to a friend’s house, and just about anywhere else that you can think of. The playpen isn’t a closed up crate, but rather a bigger area where your pup can roam free without getting into any trouble around your home. 

A good pet playpen option is the Pet Playpen Foldable Portable Exercise Kennel. It’s easy to clean and durable. Your pup will enjoy having the freedom to run around a bit without you having to keep too close an eye on him or her. 

Time to Buy the Best Dog Crates For Your Pup!

When looking for a crate for your pup, be sure to keep this list of the best dog crates in mind! Consider your dog’s weight, height, age, and other factors when selecting the best one for him or her. 

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