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Personality test: what you see first shows us how you feel

Wow, taking this test is so exciting! I’m really curious to see what I’ll learn about myself first. It’s a great way to get to know yourself better and find out how you can make positive changes in your life. Let’s get started and see what we can discover!

Do you want to find out more about yourself? Taking a personality test can be a great way to gain insights into your thoughts and feelings. This test is a unique and fun way to better understand your emotions and reactions.

This test uses an image to help you explore your inner self and identify how you feel in different situations. By focusing on the first thing you notice in the image, this test will give you an indication of how you feel.

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People who see a book first are usually curious and creative individuals. They value knowledge and enjoy exploring new ideas. They have an appreciation for history and literature, often preferring to read books than watch movies or TV shows.

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They are analytical but also imaginative, often dreaming up stories or creating their own worlds. People who first see a book are often organized and goal-oriented, seeking out books that will help them learn something new or improve on existing skills.


People who first see a bird are typically peaceful and content individuals. They have an appreciation for nature and the beauty of the world around them. They can be quite independent, preferring to spend time alone in nature rather than in large crowds.

People who first see a bird are often spiritual and introspective, spending some time in contemplation or meditation. They tend to be generous with their time and resources, giving back to nature whenever they can.


People who first see a butterfly are often optimistic and open-minded individuals. They have an appreciation for beauty and often look for the best in any situation. They can be quite adventurous, taking risks and trying new things with enthusiasm.

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People who first see a butterfly have a tendency to be creative and enjoy expressing themselves through art or music. They also have strong intuition, trusting their instincts when making decisions.

It was fun to test what you see first and how you feel! We hope you enjoyed the experience, and if you want to test your personality again, please visit our website regularly; we are always adding new tests.

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